Gemstone Lace Shawl: Crochet in caron cakes strawberry and cream yarn

Gemstone Lace Shawl

  Busy Busy bank holiday! Trying to get through all our jobs, but we have one down: the garage is gutted! We had a lot of stuff leftover from when we moved in (most of that went), a big cupboard...

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DIY decorate your own desk tidy using sandpaper, paint and decoupage

Decorate your own Desk Tidy

Today I’m having trouble with words. I know what I’m going to talk about but the words just won’t leave my fingers… So I apologise now for the short and sweet post that this may end up as. This project...

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Decoupage pretty jam jar lids, using homemade modge podge and patterned paper perfect beginners project

DIY Pretty Jam Jar Lids

So this week has felt very busy, but I think I can put that down to the bank holiday; with the weekend being longer there’s less of the week to fit everything into! Before you know it, it’s Thursday and...

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Do it yourself DIY herb flower vinegar: you can make flavoured vinegars, oils, butters or even waters from the herbs and their flowers in your garden

Do it Yourself: Herb Flower Vinegars

It would seem spring is here! The sun has been shining (most of the time) here and the trees and flowers are starting to take notice. A few unexpected things have happened: The potatoes we forgot to harvest last winter...

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star stitch rainbow hook holder throwback thursday project

Throwback Thursday: A hook Holder

It’s Thursday, spring is in the air, I’m wearing my denim shorts for the first time this year, life is good! Seems like a good time to look back on an old project and reflect on what I’ve learned. I...

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Beanie tips extra little tips to create perfect slouchy beanies.

Beanie Tips

So this weeks project did not go entirely as planned… I’ve made it, frogged it, made it again and it’s just not going to work. I really really wanted to make a hat with the yarn leftover from my Basketweave...

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Extra slouchy basketweave cowl using funfetti caron cake

Funfetti Basketweave Cowl

  If this post makes it to the internet by Sunday it will be a miracle! Life has been all go in the Potato household with very little time for crochet or blogging. Last week we ordered our carpet to...

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Virus shawl with shawl pin crocheted in pistachio caron cake, can be worn two 2 ways

Pistachio Virus Shawl

I was so excited to begin crocheting with my new Caron Cakes. So excited! In fact I managed to make a shawl in 4 days which for me is pretty darn fast! I was rather lucky this week that we...

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