Intermediate, free crochet pattern: Unicorn toilet roll/ toilet paper cover. Keep your toilet roll cosy with this cute crochet unicorn cover than than be customised to any colours or animals you like!

Unicorn Toilet Paper Cover

Sometimes someone asks you to make something you never thought you’d ever make. This project was one of those projects. Remember those crochet dollies that used to sit over your nanna’s loo roll? And when you learn how to crochet you...

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A Trip Away: Macedonia

Todays blog post is my last before we jet set off on our holly-bobs, so I’ll be quiet for a week or so. We’re going to Macedonia which is a country I didn’t know much about until this year. Here’s...

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A Leibster Award!

I was really pleased to be nominated for this Liebster award by the lovely Amanda from Lazy Girl Loves! It’s so nice that she enjoyed reading my blog and thought to nominate me! For anyone that maybe unsure of what the...

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My Next 5 Crochet projects:

Todays post was going to be a little pattern for a commission I’ve just received, that was until I ran out of yarn barely halfway through…. Talk about bad planning. In all honesty I had almost a whole skein of...

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The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet

5 Biggest Beginner Crochet Mistakes

Learning to crochet is hard (check out this article if you’re beginning)! It seems all very complicated:  you get your head around all the weird stitches and terms somehow your work just doesn’t look right…. Well there are lots of...

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