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This week has been highly unproductive! I’ve managed to not crochet a single stitch since last sunday and today I have only just caught up on reading all the blog posts in my RSS feed from while we were away. I really hate it when you have weeks like this where you just feel like you get nothing done and inspiration feels like an impossible dream.

I do feel like I’m lacking a lot of inspiration at the moment; with the small signs of spring popping up I feel I am forced to begin thinking about lighter crochet projects. To abandon the dreams of hats, blankets and hot water bottle covers and begin to prepare for lighter projects… Although in all honesty English summer does leave a lot to be desired on the sunshine front. So to help with my mind block I’ve come up with a little list of spring and summer inspiration projects to try and get my crochet juices flowing:


Nothing says spring more than pretty flowers! I’ve been meaning to try crochet cactuses for some time now and a bit of amigurumi will definitely help break up some monotony and give our house a cute little accessory!

It’s hard to have fresh flowers in your house all the time, not only do they not last long but they are expensive to keep on top of. A recent post by Rainbow Junkie had me thinking that a beautiful crochet orchid might be just the thing to brighten up my March and our hallway!

Temperature Blanket

Yes I know! I said no blankets! But this would be a long term project to finish just in time to cuddle up under it next winter.

I have a soft spot for chevrons

Temperature blankets are very popular at the moment; taking the temperature of a week or day over the course of a year and assigning a colour to it. Of course many people are already a quarter of their way through their blankets and I’m still in the debating over the price of yarn stage…. We like quite muted colours so I have found some King Cole yarn that I like and a chevron pattern that I like but I’m still unsure about taking the plunge. Luckily we have a spreadsheet set up to track the temperature across the year so at least I can start at any time and know the information is there ready for me.

The only nice picture of my first attempt at sandals


Crochet lends itself quite well to summer footwear: the lacy stitches and pretty patterns can make for lovely light materials and straps. I’m very curious about the recent trend for repurposing old flip flops to make shoes (or just new flip flops) by crocheting into the foam sole. Unfortunately I have no old flip flops however I’m sure some cheap ones will do the job just as well.

I also would like to try again with the barefoot sandals and perhaps hit a bit closer to graceful than my previous attempt….



Rainbow shorts anyone?



There are a few clothing items I have always wanted to make in crochet and perhaps this is the year to try them. The items that really inspire me: lacy crochet shorts and a bit of retro pineapple skirt. There are a few things that intimidate me about these projects: first is the use of thin yarns or threads that I’m not amazing at working with yet, and secondly, these items that need to fit and I am a crocheter who never checks her guage….




Picture taken with the finest quality potato


I’ve made 1 shawl in my time and it wasn’t even for me! Not only was it my first big project but it was also my first experience of having to block an item. The shawl I made was a cosy winter shawl but I would like to use a light yarn and a delicate pattern to make something pretty for the summer months.





So that’s what’s inspiring me ready for this spring! What’s inspiring you? What projects are going to keep you going this spring?

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