Throwback Thursday: Vintage Fan Baby Blanket

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This week is gutting week! We have a skip in the front garden and a lot of cr*p to throw out! On the agenda for this weekend:

  • Clear out garage (urk no-one wants this job)
  • Move all our tools and such off my landing and into the garage!
  • Flat pack our ugly oak (I think) wardrobe ready to chalk paint up
  • Chalk paint our full length mirror to match the bedroom
  • Attempt to make tile coasters from leftover curtains (possible or not? we’ll soon find out!)
  • Try and turn our garden from jungle into sunshine haven (*sarcastic laugh* yeah sure…. ok…)

It’s all a bit daunting; we’re quite lucky that we ordered the skip to be here over the bank holiday weekend which I think may have been a happy fluke! Hopefully it should be a productive weekend that ends in my having a much less full house!

With this on the agenda I haven’t gotten a great deal of crochet done; I have been attempting some baby sandals but somehow haven’t managed to make it past the soles and that’s not even a big project. I have managed to finish the project with my last colour of Caron Cakes, the blog post should be up this weekend but maybe we can have a sneak preview today!  I really enjoyed making this, it takes a bit more thought than the virus shawl and the basketweave cowl but it’s worth it because the stitch is so pretty!

And that’s all you get! You will see on Sunday!

Todays post is about my favourite ever baby blanket! So favourite in fact that at some point I’m making another one for myself! It’s a vintage fan ripple blanket! I basically had free reign over this project, while it was requested they didn’t have many preferences other than not too much pink and try to use grey or green.

Left to right: Rose petal, Ecru and Sage

I love ripple blankets, I think they look so much prettier than just stripes! I first found this pattern on Pinterest, followed it to A Creative Being’s Post and fell in love with it; the colours she uses are really beautiful and this is exactly what I wanted! This project is where I found my favourite ever baby yarn: King Cole Cottonsoft. I felt a bit risky using these colours (Ecru, Sage and Rose Petal) but they got the thumbs up from the parents to be so away I went! In the end I’m really happy with the colour choice, it is the perfect blend of muted, girly and vintage! And they go so well with the vintage fan pattern!



Apologies for the lower than usual standard photos: these were taken long before I started blogging




The pattern was really easy to follow and after a few rows, really easy to autopilot and watch tv! The triple treble stitch is a little fiddly and does require the occasional muttering of ‘one, two, three, four’ while watching so you have been warned, your crochet buddies may find it distracting! The one thing I do find is it works up quite slowly as it is only a DK yarn but it is very much worth it for the lovely drape you get from the blanket at the end!

It is typical of me to make a baby blanket for someone that the couldn’t use for the first year of the child’s life… .I may have overshot the size a little and ended up with a single bed sized blanket! Made to last… that’s what I’ll say!








I hope today’s throwback post has given someone out there some inspiration! Please comment below with your favourite baby blanket patterns! I’d love to see them.

I do just love this colour combination



  1. Mommy says:

    This is beautiful, your work is brilliant and I love the colours

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