Quick Project: Children’s Crochet Lace Collar

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So I’ve had a fun week, lots of decorating to get our guest room finished ready for some guests we have staying at the weekend. The room has been in the works for about 3 months but of course we had to leave stuff to the last minute as always. A wee bit of stress and lots of painting after work (and a sneaky day off by the hubby) and it’s finally done, hopefully with enough time that the house doesn’t smell of paint when they arrive. Cue my shivering with the windows open, going crazy with febreze and stocking up of Air Wick plug ins to get the smell of paint out the house.

Cosy corner <3

So the master bedroom was my favourite room in the house (you can see it here) but after finishing this room it’s been dropped to a close second! I decided to go for a simple grey and pale pink colour scheme; my purple dressing table in soft shades and making the room practical with a grey sofa bed. Ok I need to close the door and curl up with a book…. brb…..

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Crochet Lace Collar

Ok I’m back! This weeks project has been a little commision which I have really loved making! These little collars are so fun to make and so super simple! The yarn I used for this was my favourite baby yarn King Cole Cottonsoft because it’s super snuggly and soft and comes in such lovely pastel shades.

Such pretty colours

The commission wanted a green collar so I used their gorgeous sage colour. They also wanted a pink with white trim so I used their lovely shades rose petal and ecru. One last collar was just because I wanted to make it; fudge and ecru look so pretty together!






If you want to make some of these cute collars for the little ones in your life- or even an adult sized one for yourself then check out this easy to follow pattern by LuLuLoves. These collars look beautiful with a pretty pearly button (click the picture for the link) or with a lovely little bow. To make the bow just chain and single crochet 30 onto each end of the collar and tie them together! Easy Peasy!

Commision all ready to go!


For such a quick project these would make a lovely gift and can brighten up any outfit! Give them a go today and let me see your collars? What are your favourite quick projects?

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