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Having a Thursday off from work can be a real pain because I miss wednesday for WIP wednesdays! Life is so hard… anyway this is my WIP not-quite-wednesday, on a Thursday! We have had lots of fun this week! The paper and card for our wedding invitations has arrived, just waiting for my order from the Works and then we can start crafting! I love waiting for orders like this because it is full of so many goodies!

Craft Goodies

I’ll do a big spread picture for you when they arrive but I’m getting a pad of pretty craft paper to use as an invitation wrap and to make corners for the invitation to sit in as well as some double sided tape to keep them in place. Now of course I had to get the free delivery (I truly hate paying for delivery and would much rather buy more goodies!) So I got 2 5 piece wooden garlands to play with, some acrylic paint and some brushes! Finally some proper brushes! At this point I was £2 off free delivery so a circle cutter made its way into my basket! I’m sure it will come in useful at some point!


I’ve had a very fun week teaching knitting! Yes I am an absolute beginner at knitting but the trick is to stay 1 lesson ahead of the student and you’ll be fine!! I have found teaching knitting easier than crochet because I knit right-handed so we don’t have to try and reverse everything I’m doing! And while I found crochet easier to learn, the fiance (my newest student!) has taken to knitting much easier. Over the years I have shown him bits and bobs of crochet, getting him to chain and single crochet but I think tension was a big issue for him like many beginner crocheters (myself included).

Knitting on the other keeps its own tension and you just need to understand what you do to the loop. So his first project was a lot like my most recent knitting success, a purl square turned into a beanie. He ran out of yarn a bit earlier than we would have liked so it’s a very small beanie, but a great success for a first project!!

Teeny beanie!

Over the weekend I found myself in Hobbycraft, drooling over yarn I can’t buy when he came up behind me with a set of knitting needles in his hands and 3 balls of chunky yarn! I think I’ve created a new yarn addict! \Here is the yarn he bought, if you want to get some yourself just click on the picture:


This is his work in progress on a scarf:

It’s going to be a very wide scarf


I think we may have to go back for more yarn, 1 ball has not gone as far as I would have thought. But how beautiful is this yarn?! Such lovely shades of green! And it’s so cosy and squishy!


Lovely colours!


I decided I wanted to use the lovely pink yarn I bought in Macedonia for a knitting project. I thought the colour changes in this yarn would lend itself well to knitting and hopefully give a kind of Fair Isle effect. I’m glad I thought while I was there to buy 3 balls of the yarn as I think I would like to make a matching hat at some point too! Anyway, here is how it’s working up so far:

It’s getting there!

I really love how it’s striping and how the speckled part of the yarn is giving little Fair Isle sections! I am totally addicted! Can’t wait to make a pom pom hat to go with it!

Such a pretty pattern

I had a little stumble when I changed balls; the colour on the outside of the ball was the wrong colour to join so I worked from the middle instead, genius! Except now the pattern is going to go in reverse… I’m such a numpty… I’m hoping with is being the second half of the scarf that it looks intentional and that I can hide this repeating section at the back of my neck.


The pattern beginning to go in reverse….

I know I should have found the right section on the ball and started from there really but I really hate wasting yarn and that always feels wasteful…. Anyway, once this is knitted up it’ll need a good blocking to give it it’s shape and possibly some tassles if I’m feeling dangerous!!

Yarn order

I also have a yarn order today and once that arrives it’s goodbye knitting for a few weeks as I have an urgent project to finish first! I’m having a serious case of too many projects too little time (I also want to knit up a scarf to go with my pink super simple hat to brighten up winter!) . You wont see much of this project until it’s finished and shipped off to it’s owner but I’ll give you a full rundown eventually!

Twitter success

I’m on twitter! It’s finally happened so if you want to follow me you can follow the social media links at the top of the page or you can click here and join the party with me! I do try to post regular updates but I never know what to write… what do you tweet about?

King Cole retweeted my hat project! Woop! It’s the small successes in life…..

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