Let’s Learn how to Crochet!

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There are tons of resources on the internet to learn how to crochet and with the variety ranging from videos to step-by-step photo’s there really is no excuse for not learning! So here I’ve compiled a list of useful resources that helped me learn, and some that I continue to use on a regular basis. These links will take you away from this website to videos and sites that I have personally used


Choosing your equipment can be quite daunting but really with crochet you can’t go wrong. There’s a lot to choose from but you can start cheap and work your way up.

Hooks I began with some cheap bamboo hooks similar to these simply because I liked the idea of wooden hooks and I have since upgraded to higher quality wooden ones.. Aluminium or plastic hooks can come in smaller sizes, with rubber handles if you wish and can be smoother and more durable that wooden ones. It depends on what you prefer and what the job requires. Fortunately most hooks are cheap enough that you may be able to try each of them and see what you like.

Yarn When you first start crochet choose a budget yarn that feels soft and is a medium weight such as worsted. I tend to use cotton yarn but sometimes they can be hard to work with, you could also choose from wool or acrylic yarn as long as it feels smooth and soft and is a nice solid colour that will show stitches easily. Look at the label to find out what size hook it uses and just give it a go!



When I began to crochet Bella Coco had a playlist on how to crochet for beginners. Since then the playlist may not exist but the videos can still be found. These videos are good quality, simple and go through the basics slowly enough for an absolute beginner to follow along. Here are some of the videos I think will be most useful when learning but don’t be limited by these:

Slip Stitch and Chain Stitch The absolute basic of crochet.

Single Crochet How to make your first stitches into your foundation chain from video 1

Granny Square How to make your first granny square using the next basic stitch, double crochet.

Another invaluable resource in beginning to crochet is WikiHow with it’s detailed step-by-step photos and descriptions for even the simplest of methods:

Crochet Basics A guide to the basic stitches and working your way around the world of crochet

How to hold your hook photos to help left and right handers learn how to hold your hook

How to crochet a magic circle So useful when beginning circular projects such as hats


Common Stitches

These are stitches I began to experiment with when I had the basics of crochet down.  To practice these stitches I made small facecloths from cotton yarn and simply repeated the stitches over and over. Not only was this a good way to get the hang of new stitches, but as a beginner it helped me get the hang of holding my yarn and keeping my tension even; an important factor in having neat and even crochet projects.

Shell Stitch


Puff Stitch

Edging your Projects A beautiful edging can turn a basic project into something beautiful!


With all these amazing resources and more there really is no excuse not to give it a try! It’s not as hard as you think!




  1. Mrs Clare King says:

    Thank you I d love to learn to crochet so will find this very helpful as I.m a complete beginner ,I know nothing about itso thanks for this site

    1. You are very welcome, if you ever need any help please throw me a message and I will do my best to help 🙂 good luck! it’s a great hobby <3

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