Unicorn Hooded Scarf

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Have you ever had a project to make and just couldn’t get around to starting? This project was one of those… I couldn’t even bring myself to buy the yarn. I can’t even think why I was dreading getting started, perhaps is was because it would be the biggest project I had done in a while or perhaps it was because I was making something that I would never have made for myself.

It was actually 3 months in the making; it probably should have been 3 weeks in all honesty. Between pre-christmas commissions, the manic rush that was christmas itself and my apprehension about starting the project it really didn’t stand a chance. The funny thing is, once I got started it all seemed to fall into place. To make things easier for myself I split the project into 2 parts: the hooded scarf and the unicorn!

Skill Level: Intermediate


Chunky Yarn (I used King Cole Big Value Chunky in cream, moss and bayleaf)

6mm hook

7mm hook

Yarn needle

Glass headed pins (or any stitch marker to keep your pockets pinned in place)



The Hooded Scarf

I wanted a simple, round hooded scarf with pockets on the end. Something I could probably do on the fly in the future but as my first attempt I wanted to use a pattern. I found this wonderful simple pattern on ravelry by Zoe Deterding. Please check it out if you’re thinking of making anything like this because it is wonderful, easy to follow and can be made in almost any yarn and hook size. The only thing this pattern was missing for me was pockets. Not a problem, I’m sure we can figure that out…

The first thing I wanted to add to the pattern was an extra row of increases in the hood; this hood was going to be super slouchy!!






The second thing was those all important pockets. The pattern specifies that you continue the scarf for as long as required so I crocheted until it was long enough then added an extra 14 rows to make those lovely deep pockets. At this point I had a bit of a conundrum having never made pockets before: do I join them together inside out or do I leave the join showing? Well after a quick bit of google image searching to see what everyone else does I decided to join them the right way out and keep the seam showing and I’m glad I did. When I did try doing it inside out it began to look rather messy….

So to continue: I pinned the bottom 14 rows up to make the pockets (using my oh so useful Pincushion in a jar) and then single crocheted around the edge of the entire scarf, crocheting through both layers of the pockets to join them together. And I think the effect is really rather smart!


The Unicorn

For the unicorn horn and ears I really wanted to use the parts from Rainbow Unicorn by One Dog Woof (so CUTE!). The problem was when I made them they were just so super tiny! Far too small for my giant slouchy scarf. So I decided to use the old ‘hold 2 strands method’ and doubled up my yarn and used a size 7 hook. This had 2 benefits for this project: of course the size, they were now perfectly sized to sit on top my hood; but also by using double strands they were very sturdy and stood up well on their own meaning the ears themselves didn’t need stuffing! Score!

Next job was to stuff the horn and get them sewn on before starting on the fringe… something I had never done before…

Ears not as wonky as they appear…

Luckily for me it’s easy and actually quite fun to do!! For the mane I used 6 inch lengths of yarn, holding a green and a cream together, put them in every stitch around the base of the horn and branched out towards the front to make a fringe. I then did a line right down the back of the hood, stopping when I reached the scarf and padded it out with one on either side of the line to make a lovely thick mane.


For the pockets I wanted a much longer fringe and so I used 12 inch lengths of yarn, working a green and a cream into each stitch along the bottom of the pockets.










If any of you would like to add this project to your ravelry here is the link to my project. I have also joined Hookin’ on Hump Day, Nifty Thrifty Sunday and the Really Crafty link party so follow the link to see lots of creative projects or come a join me on Pinterest—> Pretty Potato

All in all this project was a lot more fun than expected! Not to mention I had a lot of fun wearing it! Has anyone else made a unicorn scarf? I would love to see!!

Surprisingly fun to wear!


  1. Alexandra says:

    This is sooooo adorable! I love how popular unicorns have become right now. I am running a year long Granny-Spiration Challenge. If you have any granny-inspired projects (new or old), I’d love if you came and linked up with us 🙂 There’s also a crochet pattern giveaway going on right now. It can be found here: http://eyeloveknots.blogspot.com/2017/03/lifes-beach-hat-crochet-pattern-review.html

    1. It’s great isn’t it?! Everyone loves unicorns <3 I'd love to take part in granny-spiration, I'll have to come up with a granny project!

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