Love and Lacy Lamp Jars

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Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog post; My other half  and I have been loving it up in Paris for our anniversary! Sometimes it still amazes me that we’ve been together for 10 years now, I just don’t feel old enough to have been in a 10 year relationship! In all honesty the last 10 years have flown by and I can only say that is a testament to how amazing they’ve been.

Not a bad spot for breakfast


A recent blog post by the lovely Craftandothercrazyplans had me thinking about what love really is. We often think of love as the grand gestures (looking out over Paris on your anniversary perhaps?) but when you really think about the people you love it’s the small things that really make relationships work. My very first thought when posed with the question ‘What does love mean to you?’ was oddly enough: ‘Warming your feet up behind his knees’. I have perpetually cold feet and this is one of those things that my partner does for me that I would find utterly awful to do in return.






One of the things I believe is to try and find things you love in the everyday and mundane; if I find something I love everyday I find myself feeling happier and more content. For example, I had an awful day at work but once I got home I filled my home with candles and enjoyed the smell of a new scent in my wax burner. Silly things really but it’s the small things that make everyday life worthwhile. What are the little everyday things that keep you going?

But what does all this have to do with crochet? Like many others I find crochet to be a great therapy; curling up at night with my hooks can make all the days worries disappear, and the satisfaction of completing something that I or someone else loves can make all of lifes struggles worthwhile.

…I guess this week I’m feeling quite reflective, thinking on my life and the things I appreciate.


Before we went away I had ordered some crochet thread and tiny tiny crochet hooks! Some of them are so small I can barely see the hook on the end. I tried a few small projects to try and get the hang of keeping tension with such thin yarn and keep the yarn on such a small hook. I have to admit that the way I hold my yarn does not help when working with thin threads: rather than wrap my yarn around a finger I just pinch it between my forefinger and middle finger which begins to ache a little after some time with thread.




I tried making some barefoot sandals but my technique with the thread left a bit to be desired. The sandal definitely looked on the scruffy side…. More practice needed before I can make something so delicate.





Love and lacy lamp jars: experiments with thread and tiny crochet hooks to make pretty jar covers and turn them into tea lights

To try something a bit more sturdy I found a wonderful pattern for a lacy jar cover at which looked challenging enough to help me practice but repetitive enough to not be too difficult. Not to mention it caters well to my love of candles and propensity for hoarding empty jars. My jar cover was nowhere near as elegant or pretty as hers but it’s a good start! I ended up improvising on the band around the top as mine appeared to be a little loose so I made a lace to thread through and tie into a bow.


More practice is definitely needed… but like many crocheters I got a bit distracted and started a new project… Currently on my hook is a freestyle ripple hot water bottle cover. Not entirely sure what I think about it so far to be honest but we’ll see what it looks like once it’s done.


Whoops! Thread practice will be there for another day!

I may be a bit late but I’m also joining in with the Small Things Yarn along and the Nifty Thrifty Sunday link party so please have a look at all the lovely projects we’ve linked up or come join me on Pinterest —> Pretty Potato


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