A Cake Kaleidoscope!

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From Left: Strawberry Kiwi, Funfetti and Pistachio

As you may be able to tell from todays cover photo… I bought myself a little present this week! Last Sunday I discovered that Hobbycraft have now stocked Caron Cakes! I think my life is now complete! So there I was, cuddled up at my Mother in Law’s after a lovely Sunday Dinner exploring the Hobbycraft website when a panic suddenly came over me! 3 for 2 sale! And it ends tonight!!





Couldn’t resist taking a picture of it with my pretty orchid!

Must…. Purchase…. Yarn….

With mere hours to choose and checkout, and cakes going out of stock by the second I think a real panic struck me… I don’t make decisions well under pressure…. I did have Strawberry Trifle in my basket and by the time I had checked out it was out of stock and I had to find another one I liked. I did get a wonderful tip from a lovely lady on Facebook to google for any hobbycraft voucher codes, so with the 3 for 2 and a £5 off voucher code I managed to get £60 worth of yarn for £35! What a freaking deal! And it had arrived by Thursday which is not too shabby.

Now normally I buy my yarn from WoolWarehouse but Hobbycraft has now been added to my favourites ready for it’s next sale! Now onto the yarn!

I had heard that Caron Cakes can be a little scratchy but once I took it out of the bubble wrap and gave it a good squish my worries were alleviated. It’s lovely and soft, very squishy and once it’s been washed it should only get softer! The colours are beautiful in person, really vibrant and pretty! Now I didn’t think Funfetti would be my favourite colour but in person it is super pretty! In fact I love them so much before I’ve even crocheted with them I’ve already got my eye on Strawberry Trifle and Red Velvet!

I think the first colour I’m going to use is Pistachio to make a pretty shawl, perhaps the ever popular Virus Shawl or another shawl pattern. Now that I have some cakes I’m excited to explores some patterns, what are your favourite Caron Cake patterns? Send me some inspiration!


In other news I’ve been trying to knit a hat this week (after last weeks great success with ribbing!). Trying being the operative word in that sentence! It was definitely an experiment and I’m probably going to rip it all out but I’ve enjoyed the process nonetheless. I decided to use straight needles and then sew up the hat once finished using this pattern. It was doomed from start of course because while I had chunky yarn, I only had 5mm needles rather than the recommended 8mm. Unperturbed I plodded on, casting on 52 stitches as instructed and began my 2×2 ribbing. I’m rather pleased with how my ribbing turned out, aside from a few little uneven sections it looks like it should (which is always a good thing)

A cake caleidoscope: After failing at knitting a hat using circular needles I bought some caron cakes for inspiration

I wanted a colour change after the ribbing but the only other colour I had in chunky yarn was green, so time to raid the stash and find something I like. I have a grey DK yarn in an immensely oversized ball I bought a long time ago and I’ve been trying to find a reason to use. The hat is already doomed right? No harm in using the wrong sized yarn as well as the wrong sized needles… I used this colour to knit the Bamboo stitch which was a fun challenge and comes out as a really pretty stitch!


After a few rows of bamboo stitch I measured my hat out of curiosity. I have a small head but it’s barely half the size it needs to be. As I said, doomed from the start. But at least it was good practice!


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