DIY adventures: No Sew Curtain Hemming

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While I began this blog to talk about my crochet adventures I find myself talking more and more about my life and the other projects we have going on. I find myself not wanting to be limited by the title of ‘Crochet blog’ and simply wanting to talk about whatever has inspired me at this moment. Now I talked on my Sunday post about our recently decorated bedroom and how I could feel some crafty inspiration coming on: I want to try my hand at some new and fun DIY projects! Well todays post is a little more boring, a little more practical and not particularly inspiring… however, I have hemmed my very first set of curtains, I did it without a sewing machine and I am very proud of myself! Silly, I know but we all have to start somewhere….

No sew curtain hemming: how to hem up your curtains using wonder web or hemming web and a pair of scissors
Super long curtains!


We had a little bit of a palava buying curtains for our master bedroom because the window is quite wide (2.5m) and the widest curtains we could find were around 2m. Nightmare. However we decided to bite the bullet and buy the not-quite-wide-enough curtains anyway and if they don’t fit, ho-hum, we’ll return them, no biggie. The next issue however was that they only did our lovely wide curtains in really really long… and being the only size available to us we went ahead and bought them… the not-quite-wide-enough-but definitely-far-too-long curtains. What could go wrong?


In fact not much actually did go wrong! Novelty right? As you can see in the picture there was a good chunk to take the curtains up by but they close perfectly so no need to return them!







The finished curtains


Having never taken up curtains before this sight was a little daunting… a little wonder web isn’t going to keep all that material up. But my mind was ticking away, surely I could just cut it with some sharp scissors? I don’t see why not… of course if it goes horribly wrong this is an expensive mistake… So armed with my wonder web (or in this case Hemming Web), my teeny tiny yarn scissors (the sharpest scissors I own), my pin cushion and an iron I set myself away. All in all this project took me about 3 hours but I was making it up as I went along and I also ironed the whole curtain while I had it on the ironing board (may as well).



Tape Measure

Hemming Web

Sharp Scissors

Flat or glass headed pins






Pinned and ironed

Step 1: The first step is to pin your curtains up to the right length. Our curtains had lines on so I just followed them but in retrospect they were slightly wonky so I should have measured. Pin the length you want the curtains to be at one end while they are still hung; take this moment to stand back and look at it pinned up to make sure that is where you want them because you will be using this measurement for the whole curtains. Now I am sure you could do this whole project while the curtains are still hung however I took them down for the remainder of the project to somewhere with more space to work in.



Step 2: Measure the length of your pinned section of curtain and pin at this length at regular intervals for the whole width of both curtains. Take your time to be sure it’s at the right length so you get a nice straight, crisp finish.

Step 3: Iron flat the bottom of your curtain to give a nice neat line to work to.

The scary chop


Step 4: Turn your curtains over and begin to trim away the excess material. I was very nervous about ruining my curtains and so I left a few inches incase I needed to get them fixed however 1.5 inches would probably do just fine. Again really take your time (and preferably don’t use the smallest scissors in the world like I did) to get a nice neat line.




The first layer of web


Step 5: Place your hemming web underneath your hem and iron carefully into place. Hemming web takes a high temperature to bind properly so if you have polyester curtains like I did you need to use a lower temperature and just go over it a few more times. Try and lift the seam up to check if it’s melted, it will hold securely if it has (don’t do what I did and forget to put web under a section, iron it for 10 minutes and wonder why the hell it isn’t sticking… ).


Web between the curtain material and lining



Step 5 part 2: An optional step for if you have lined curtains like I did; by cutting the curtains we have severed the seam that keeps the curtain and lining together, so the hemming web can’t hold both in place. It might be fine, I decided not to take the risk and once I had webbed the whole thing, went back over and also webbed inbetween the 2 layers of fabric.

Step 6: Remove all your pins and give it a quick iron over to get rid of the dimples they leave.



All hung up!


And you’re done!

Once hung back up you may find your pleats don’t quite seem to lie properly, just run down them with your hands and press them together a little where the web is and they should then lie in place.

And that is my first DIY project for our house! A little boring but also somehow a little fun! Plus, I have some leftover material for some matching accessories!



I’ve joined the DIY Wednesday link party and Nifty Thrify Sunday and the Really Craft Link Party! Go have a look at all the lovely projects people have linked up, or join me on Pinterest for more DIY projects and inspiration —-> Pretty Potato


  1. Teresa says:

    I love this kind of tips and tricks that make our lives easier. This is a quick way to make the hem, and you don’t have to worry whether or not you’re able to sew a straight line (which is not always easy with that amount of fabric, and lining to boot). Thank you for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I don’t have a sewing machine yet so an easy way to make a straight line was a must! Thank you for your lovely comment

  2. Louise says:

    This is fabulous, thank you so much, you’ve saved me approx £60. I followed your very helpful instructions except at the end when I ironed on two layers of tape and ironed over both at the same time – one between each layer of curtain/lining and job done! Takes a few hours like you mentioned but the hemming tapes’s on in 5 minutes. Perfect.

    1. I’m so glad I could help! It’s much much cheaper, and very satisfying once you’ve done it yourself

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