Throwback Thursday: A hook Holder

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It’s Thursday, spring is in the air, I’m wearing my denim shorts for the first time this year, life is good! Seems like a good time to look back on an old project and reflect on what I’ve learned. I thought I would take you guys back to the first project I made for myself; it was also the full project I ever did and the first pattern I actually sat down and used. In fact I did this project so long ago now, it was a bit of a journey trying to find the pattern again, but find it I did!

The first thing I wanted to make myself was a case for my crochet hooks as the ones I had ordered from amazon were cheap and cheerful and came without a case. After a little nosey around the internet I came across this pattern and immediately knew that this was the one! It may or may not have anything to do with the fact that the only yarn I owned was various rainbow shades of pastel baby yarn. We all have to start somewhere.

This was a very challenging project for me as I had only ever made simple facecloths and now I was delving into the world of star stitch, front and back post double crochets and crocheting a project in 2 parts! Scary! Now I didn’t have a full rainbow of colours so I decided to double up each row and just have 4 stripes rather than 9.


Close up of the star stitch


Star Stitch

The star stitch looks very pretty and can seem quite daunting to a beginner who only knows the basic stitches. However the pattern came with a clear illustration and instructions and because it’s very repetitive you soon get the hang of it!

Crab Stitch

Otherwise known as reverse single crochet was an entirely foreign concept to me. When I googled it I was even more confused because it was telling me I needed to go from left to right which is the direction I was already going in… you wouldn’t believe how often I forget I’m left handed when reading things like this. So in the end I just single crochet this part: the first of many improvisations.






Front/ Back Post Double Crochet

Now I’m no stranger to these stitches now however at this point I hadn’t even heard of them! I persevered however and voila! Little bars to run my hooks through! It was coming together!

Using front and back post stitches to make slots for the hooks

Joining the halves

I was still very much a beginner at this point and so regularly forgot normal things like a stitch count. This meant that when it came to joining the halves I may not have had the same number of stitches on each side to join together. But again I persevered and just joined them as evenly as I could.


This pattern required me to crochet some buttons and holes to close the case; at this point I got a little confused and decided to wing it… it looks approximately like it should. But I did leave very little yarn to weave in my ends (newbie mistake) and so it definitely ended up looking much less polished than it should have.

Stitch Marker Holder

At this point I completely left the pattern behind and began to improvise. My case was pretty much finished but I had nowhere to keep my stitch markers! So I chained myself a little length, sewed both end into the middle of the holder and called it a day! 2 years later and it’s very much coming apart now, but this little improv has served me well over the years, keeping all my little stitch markers safe!

My little improvised stitch marker holder is now falling apart!

Overall I did a semi-terrible job of following a pattern to make myself a holder for my crochet hooks, but after all these years it’s still going! Can’t complain at that, this little holder has done me proud and kept my hooks safe!  Perhaps it’s almost time to make myself a new one…..

I was so proud of this when I first finished it!


  1. Mommy says:

    This is sooooo cute

  2. denise says:

    love this crochet hook case. made a rainbow case years ago for my daughter. she lost it over the years but asked me if I still have the pattern and to make her another one. oh wow. she remembers that case? I was so happy she is crochet but wants that same case. I searched every to get that pattern, including the website it came from. unable to find it. please help me find it so I can surprise my daughter with a new crochet rainbow hook case. thank you very much. Denise

    1. Aw thank you so much! That’s so lovely that she remembers, it’s wonderful when the things we make for people mean so much to them ❤️ I’ve looked all over for this case pattern but cannot find it anywhere, I think it must have been taken down 😖 there are a few rainbow cases like this lying around

      If you wanted to make it into a folding case like mine, I would make 2 of them (one without the loops to hold the hooks), slip stitch the 2 together around the edges and stuff with fibre fill stuffing. I hope that helps and you manage to make your daughter another case 😍

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