Throwback Thursday: Starfish Blanket

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Today’s throwback is to a baby blanket I made for a close friend of mine around this time last year. It always feels weird crocheting blankets while the sun is shining but people don’t stop having babies just because the weather gets warmer!

It’s quite sunny today so I’ve sat outside with my laptop and my modge podge to try a bit of good old fashioned multi-tasking! Don’t worry, I’m not about to modge podge my laptop! But I am attempting my first tile coasters so in between layers of glue drying I’m tippity typing a few sentences. I didn’t quite anticipate how windy it would be however and the washing on the line keeps trying to whack me in the face…


This project is quite close to my heart because in fact a lot of fiddly work went into it. I really wanted to make a ripple blanket with starfish on the corner. That was my first stipulation. The yarn I went with was a King Cole yarn in Light blue, dark blue, silver and orange. While this yarn isn’t as soft as my usual favourite (King Cole Cottonsoft), the colours are really really vibrant and make for a beautiful blanket.



The second stipulation was that I wanted it to look like rippling ocean waves which meant that I wanted the edge of each ripple to stick up from the last. So this was the pattern I ended up going with; I loved the ridges and the way the ripples really looked like waves. I wanted the blanket to ripple through the colours from dark blue to light blue to silver and back again and to really get it in my head I made a quick little picture in paint to cement it there. As you can see the colours go:


2 dark blue

1 light blue

1 dark blue

2 light blue

1 silver

1 light blue

2 silver




And then reverse the order, continuing this pattern until you’ve reach your ideal size. In retrospect it reminds me of the turtle beach blanket that has been circulating around facebook recently. But with starfish. Because starfish are awesome!

The problem with this plan didn’t become obvious until a couple of rows in. To get the ridge between colours you have to crochet into the back loops of the previous row, which was fine, I had already planned not to do this if it was a 2 row colour to ensure that the ridge only happened on a colour change. Unfortunately this meant that sometimes my row was going in the wrong direction for the ridge to occur. Say what?!

This was absolute news to me, there’s a wrong direction? See what I found was that when I crocheted forwards (in my case from the left of the blanket to the right) the stitches seemed to tilt away from me, meaning that when I crocheted into the back loop I got a lovely crisp edge. When I turned the blanket and crocheted it from the other side (from the right to the left) the stitched tilted towards me and the ridge was much less crisp, much less raised. This was not good enough. So to counteract the problem whenever I changed colours I would check which direction the blanket was going. If I was working on the right side (left to right) I just continued as normal, and if I was on the wrong side (right to left) I tied off my colour, attached my new colour back at the start of the row and worked along from left to right.

It was a bit of extra effort but it was totally worth it for those lovely crisp waves!

Those cute little starfish!

FInally I had to attach my little starfish! I wanted some different sizes of starfish so I used this pattern and just doubled up the mounts of each stitch to make the legs longer for the bigger one. I then sewed them into place using a yarn needle and stood back and admired my handiwork….

oh… wait…

Have I sewn them onto the back of the blanket?

Yes.. yes I have…

Well I’m not putting all that work into those beautiful ridges for nothing. So 10 o’ clock at night, the night before the baby shower, there I am unpicking my (admittedly very well sewn on) starfish and sewing them back onto the other side.

But that pretty much sums me up.

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  1. Natasha says:

    Really cute design! I know what you mean about working with yarn when it’s sunny out – I can usually only get myself to knit during the winter!

    1. Yeah I tend to crochet a lot less in the summer, I think that’s why I’ve been making so many shawls recently so I’m making something I can wear when it’s warm

  2. Such a pretty design. adore it.

    1. Thank you so much <3

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