5 Biggest Beginner Crochet Mistakes

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Learning to crochet is hard (check out this article if you’re beginning)! It seems all very complicated:  you get your head around all the weird stitches and terms somehow your work just doesn’t look right…. Well there are lots of mistakes beginner crocheters make that can make your work look wrong and can lead to lots of frustration. So I’m here to help with the 5 big crochet mistakes that I made when I first learned to crochet:

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet

5 Crochet Mistakes:

1.  Using the Wrong Hook and Yarn

Now really there’s no such thing as the wrong yarn or the wrong hook, you can use whatever you darn well feel like!! And all the different combinations you find will give you a different look each time. However, for a beginner it is good to have a few guidelines and stick to the rules a little.

When you’re looking up what yarn to buy there’s lots of information around suggesting different things but most of all they say to use a colour that shows up your stitches really well…. but what does this even mean? Well look at the pictures below:

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet

I’ve used 2 colours of yarn there: a colour with really good stitch definition, and black… the devil of all yarn! As you can see each line of the yarn shows up clearly on the beige and you can see easily where all the holes are. The black yarn is a black hole of death with no definition whatsoever…. Now you don’t have to use beige of course, find a colour you like just pick a lighter colour that would show up shadows nicely so you can see where each strand of the yarn is. On this note you can also be too light, baby yellow yarn for example would probably be too pale to be able to see stitch definition. If in doubt, buy 2 different colours just incase!

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet
All yarn will have gauge and care instructions on the label


Each ball of yarn has a label on it which will tell what the ideal hook size for that yarn is. If you are buying a singular hook rather than a set I would make sure it’s the right size for your yarn before you buy it. This size will be perfect to ensure that your stitches won’t be too small to crochet into, or too big and make your work look gappy.






2. Not knowing where to put your Hook

This one is very common! Most people when learning to crochet will put their hook either through the front loop, or the back loop of the stitch. This can make a very lovely effect when intended, however you do need to learn where to put the hook the rest of the time! As you can see below the very top of your crochet is a line of little ‘v’ shapes connected to each other. The line of the ‘v’ closest to you is the front hook, the one furthest from you is the back hook. When crocheting normally you insert your hook so it goes underneath BOTH of these lines.

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet
When you look at the top on your work this is what you should see





3. Tension too Tight

It’s very hard to get your tension right and in all honest, the only way to fix this is practice. When I first began to crochet my arms and shoulders would hurt after 10 minutes because I was holding everything so tight. Make a conscious effort to try and not squeeze the yarn so hard and make your loops nice and loose, especially in your starting chain because you may find you can’t even get the hook in it’s so tight.

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet
I keep tension by pinching my yarn between 2 fingers

There are many different ways to hold your yarn to try and keep the yarn taut without it being too tight. Just keep practicing and you’ll find your own groove!

4. Not Counting your Stitches

You should always count how many stitches you’ve done in your row, especially when you’re just starting out. If you don’t you may find your work starts to widen or shrink or come out in all sorts of strange shapes. Everybody does this to begin with and can lead to a lot of frustration when your work comes out completely the wrong shape! Every pattern should have a stitch count at the end of each row, and if you do it regularly then you only have a bit of work to undo to fix it!

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet
I found it surprisingly difficult to crochet the swatch wrong

5. Trying too Much too Quickly

So you’ve picked up a hook, and you’ve learned what a double crochet is and now you want to make a super kingsized heirloom doily bedspread. Now I’m not saying you can’t make the bedspread, you absolutely can… but perhaps starting with a facecloth and working your way up would be better for your confidence and give you a better tablecloth in the end.

But with all that said and done, this is your hobby! Do what you want to do!

Time for me to go work on this weeks project which involves this:

The 5 Biggest Beginner Mistakes when we learn to crochet

Curious? You’ll have to pop back to find out!



  1. Connie Ourada says:

    I am looking for a pattern to crochet that is a cover for a toilet paper roll. I had the pattern, but it got lost after a water lose. This pattern is so pretty to cover your toilet paper. It has a little crocheted flower on the very top. Please help! Thanks

    1. Hi Conni, thank you so much for your comment! I’d like to point you in the direction of my toilet roll cover: https://prettypotato.co.uk/2017/06/22/unicorn-toilet-paper-cover/ not while it might not be exactly what you had in mind it is endlessly customisable! I recommend you crochet the base cover and then use your favourite flower pattern for sew-on appliques. Is this what you had in mind? If not let me know and we’ll work something out 🙂

  2. Peggy Dawson says:

    I lost my pattern for a (name banner/doily). After crocheting a person’s name or initials, I lay it flat and pin it down then spray it with water. Let dry then put it in a frame. Can you help me find the pattern?

    1. Hi Peggy, I have to admit I’ve never been brave enough to try a doily myself but after having a look around I’ve found a style of name banner/doily that might be a bit like what you are thinking of? Take a look at this link and let me know if it is or if we need to keep looking: https://www.instructables.com/id/Filet-Crochet-Name-Doily/

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