Top 5 Free Baby Blanket Patterns for Girls

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I think one of my favourite things to crochet is baby blankets; they have that feel of crocheting a whole blanket without having to spend absolute months on them but I also feel like more love goes into a baby blanket. Something about imagining your little project snuggled around a new baby makes it feel a little more personal. At least for me. Each time I make a baby blanket I like to make a completely different one to any I’ve made before which can get a little difficult after a while.

Fortunately I have a Pinterest board full of baby blanket patterns to help me along! Today I’ve compiled my (current) favourite girly baby blanket patterns into 1 short list. I tell you what, it was hard to narrow it down to 5. There are just too many gorgeous patterns out there! Now these are in no particular order – please don’t make me pick an absolute favourite! So without further adieu:





My 5 Favourite Baby Blanket Patterns for Girls


Daisy Afghan

1. Daisy Afghan by Repeat Crafter Me


The main reason I picked this pattern was for how striking it is; big squares with big flowers on is a lovely bold design, softened by the pastel colours used. What I find wonderfully different about this pattern is how the squares are not your usual granny squares: they are simply rows crocheted back and forth with an applique sewn on and then crocheted together. This makes it quite beginner friendly as there is a lot of the same stitch used and if you weren’t comfortable with the applique the blanket would still be lovely without it.

The last thing I love about this blanket is the border. I love how it uses thin layers of each colour used within the blanket to tie it all together.

Finally if you were concerned about little fingers getting caught in holes this is the perfect blanket for you because it has none!




Midwife blanket

2. The Midwife Blanket by Little Monkeys Crochet


This is a blanket I really wanted to make myself when I first watched Call the Midwife. When you’re watching the show as a crocheter this blanket really stands out in its simplistic beauty. Creating the pattern and texture using only simple stitches with spaces takes crochet down to its basics and gives a pure and simple blanket perfect for a newborn.

The original pattern for this blanket was printed in a book which is unfortunately out of print now. However Rebecca from Little Monkeys Crochet has done a lovely job of recreating the blanket in all it’s glory and made it lovely and easy for us to make one ourselves!






3. Ripple Blanket by Daisy Cottage Designs


Ripple blanket

I love a ripple blankets; if I had to choose I think I would say ripples are my favourites. Even out of my own blankets my favourites are ripples: Starfish and Vintage fan blankets. This particular ripple blanket stood out me for a few reasons. First and most obviously Lauren from Daisy Cottage Designs colour choices are stunning; such lovely soft colours that go so wonderfully together to make a really girly but understated blanket.




The second reason it stood out was how gentle the ripples are; creating a soft wave across the blanket rather than the sharp bends that you sometimes get. This is another blanket that is perfect if you are worried about little fingers and while it does involve crocheting stitches together, if you can get the hang of that then it is a great beginner pattern!



Victorian Lattice Square blanket

4. Victorian Lattice Square Blanket by Signed with an Owl


When I saw a close-up of this granny square I knew I had to include it. You get lots of really beautiful granny square blanket patterns (enough to do a whole post of their own) but I suppose I liked this one because it has a very similar charm to the Midwife blanket above. Using very few colour changes and clever crochet techniques she has managed to make a delicate and very vintage looking blanket.

while I have seen a few different versions of this blanket before I did love Kates colour choices.  The yarn used for this blanket are lovely and bright without being overwhelming and have a charm to how random they feel, brought together at the end with a cute little scalloped border.





Clamshell Blanket

5. Clamshell Blanket by Down Grapevine Lane


My last of the baby blanket patterns is a very cute clamshell blanket made in the most beautiful colours by Sedef at Down Grapevine lane. The link for the original pattern can be found in her post. However I just had to include her version of the blanket as it has such a beautifully girly feel to it without using a huge amount of pink! I’m often wary of using as many as 6 colours in a pattern however with such soft pastel colours it works perfectly in this case!







So those are my current top picks for baby blankets, which one is your favourite? Comment below with your favourite!


In need of blanket inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board below:






  1. Sondra says:

    These blankets are so beautiful, it must have taken a long time to get them completed. The time was well worth it I’m sure.

    1. Oooh no thankfully I didn’t have to make them all, it would have definitely have taken a long time (although I may attempt it because they are all so pretty!), the links to the girls who did make them are next to each picture 🙂

  2. Nichole says:

    These are really cute patterns, I think my favorite was the first one with the little flowers. It’s a tradition in my family to make blankets for the grandkids to always carry on our memories.

    1. Yes I love that one! What a lovely tradition, I seem to have started one amongst my friends, whenever they have a baby I make a blanket. I really hope to make it a family tradition one day <3

  3. I’m such a crochet fanatic. Haven’t done it in a while. Gotta get back to it!

    1. It’s such an addictive hobby 🙂 I hope you manage to get back to it!

  4. Lianne says:

    These blankets are all gorgeous, I think my favourite is the ripple blanket though. I’m a knitter myself, I’ve never learnt to crochet, it’s something that I keep meaning to learn!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

    1. I love them all but I do have a soft spot for ripples <3 you should totally give crochet a go, it's much easier than knitting!

  5. These are such pretty blankets! I knit but would love to learn how to crochet!

    1. They are gorgeous aren’t they?! I encourage you to give crochet a go, I find it much easier than knitting ❤️ the first blanket would be a good one for you to try starting with because you could practice your squares in the same stitch over and over and then join them when you are more confident 😊

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