A Trip Away: Macedonia

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Todays blog post is my last before we jet set off on our holly-bobs, so I’ll be quiet for a week or so. We’re going to Macedonia which is a country I didn’t know much about until this year. Here’s a few Macedonia facts to get us started.

5 Macedonia Facts:

  • Macedonia is a landlocked country is Southern Europe surrounded by Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Macedonia is the only country that got independence from Yugoslavia without shedding a single drop of blood!
  • Ohrid Lake is the oldest and one of the deepest lakes in Europe, it is estimated 4 million years old and has 200 endemic species that haven’t been found at any other place in the world
  • The people of Macedonia like bread… no scratch that, they eat bread like sweets! Bread everything!
  • The official drink of Macedonia is Rakja, a type of fruit brandy often made from raisins, plums or figs.

So what are we going to do?

I love to try everything I can when I go to another country – usually eating or drinking! But I also want to do lots of sight seeing and shopping and Skopje where we are staying should have plenty of both!



There are so many foods to try while we are there, and the cuisine is very different to what we eat here in the uk. I’ll be piling my plate with a whole variety of:

  • Pies: very different to uk pies; layered pastry and filling rather than a pocket of stew
  • Salads: chopped and fresh and not a salad leaf in sight!
  • Bread: No avoiding bread in Macedonia and I wouldn’t want to!
  • Kebabs: Nothing like the shaved hangover cures we have in the uk, much fresher and I magine much much tastier
  • Drink: It would be a great shame to go to a new country and not take advantage of their local alcohol so I shall most certainly be sampling the wines and Rakja
  • Anything else:  In all honesty I’m going to eat whatever is recommended to me! And there will be lots of pictures!


The city is where we will be staying for the most part of our visit and there will be plenty to see:

  • The Bazaar:  I may be on holiday but the crafter in me does not clock off! The Bazaar in Skopje can be rather touristy, however it is still worth having a little wander down here just to see if I can find any little gems, or even a yarn shop!
  • Macedonia Square: This area of the city looks very beautiful, and I love statues and fountains so this will be a must
  • Museums: Skopje has a range of museums and it will be nice to explore the history of the city
  • Restaurants: We know a few locals in Skopje so it will be nice to explore the restaurants from a local point of view



Macedonia is a country rich with nature,

  • Sandevo:  We are going to spend some time in the village, taking in some sights and enjoying the peace and quiet
  • Mountains: Macedonia has an impressive array of mountains and we are hoping to get to the top of one although we are very unfit so we’ll see how that goes








So really I don’t know a lot about where we are going, however I know it will be an adventure! Hopefully I’ll come back with lots of pictures to show you and perhaps even some new yarn!

See you in 2 weeks guys, in the meantime tell me where you’re holidaying this year? Comment below whether you’re going far afield or just staying home for some family time!

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