A Great Discovery: The Price of Yarn in Macedonia!

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We’re back! It’s been an amazing couple of weeks away but now it’s back to reality. We saw some lovely sights, ate amazing food and somehow I managed to make it a holiday full of crochet at the same time! Incase you felt like visiting Macedonia here is a quick overview (spoiler: I bought yarn but you’ll have to wait until the end to see it!)

Beautiful Sights!


Skopje is a city that feels like a work in progress; not to say that it isn’t a great place to explore but everywhere you look they are working on something! Wherever you turn there are beautiful statues, fountains and squares to explore, and if you want to learn a bit of history they have a museum with a lovely collection of coins, paintings and artifacts to explore.

Fountain in Skopje

If you like shopping there are many bazaars for you to look around, although they can be very daunting if you don’t know the local language (tip. take a local with you if possible!). We bought a lovely clay pot and lots of fruit during our wander but you can also shop for clothes, materials and many other things!

Pottery stall in the Bazaar


We stayed in a village called Sandevo and if you like relaxing in the countryside you will like it here! We were very lucky to stay in a cottage that had beautiful gardens and have amazing weather so our time here was super relaxing!


Macedonia has lots of mountains to explore and some beautiful climbs! We intended to climb the mountain that overlooks Skopje but after a hard day of exploring and shopping we were just too tired! Instead we explored Matka Canyon, following the winding path along the cliffside, enjoying a boat ride up the river and exploring some pretty awesome bat caves (known as Vrelo caves!)!

Beautiful views in Matka



We had an amazing time exploring all the different foods of Macedonia particularly enjoying the Shopska salad, Meat Pide (Turkish bread with tasty topping) and Burek (filo pastry and cheese pie!). We were lucky to also be have chance to make the local bread Kifli with a resident which was an amazing sweet bread made into little twist shapes.

Eating til we popped!

The fresh food was not the only awesome thing we bought: peanut crisps, Fanta Shokata (my favourite drink that needed to make its way to the uk) and milk everything! Nothing made me happier than drinking blue Fanta and eating a Milka Leo!


Inside the yarn shop

I want to start this section by saying that Macedonia is a very cheap country compared to England meaning you can get everyday staples for a much lower price than you would at home. I entered the yarn shop and my heart sank; 560 denars the sign said. Around £8…. I guess there was bound to be something that was more expensive here but I admit I was pretty disappointed. I took a friend in who spoke the local language and she translated for me: that’s a 50g ball, wow that’s expensive….

They spoke back and forth for a while and then began laughing… jokes on me I suppose, should have brought my yarn with me! That was until she explained: that’s the price for 1kg of yarn. The price per ball is 28 denars. Yes you read that right: 40p!

‘I’ll take 5!’

Yes that is exactly what I said. And then I returned for another 5 balls the next day.

Seriously who can resist that?! If we’d had more baggage space I would not have stopped there! So what did I buy?


Green- Teteks yarn group menada

100% acrylic yarn is bright bright green! Not my usual choice of colours but I had a project in mind for this one: this will be a scarf pattern to publish on the blog in toddler size and (hopefully if I have enough yarn left) adult size.









Grey- BellaLana Sock’s 4fach

I loved this striped grey and orange yarn, 75% wool to make a cosy scarf for the mister! It’s very thin and the the colour changes vary in length so it will take a little experimentation.








Pink- Falkgarn Sport

Another variegated yarn in pink, grey and white. This one is thicker and is 70% wool so should be super cosy! This will hopefully be something for myself ready for autumn! I chose this colour in particular because it reminded me of the Caron Cakes Strawberry and cream that I missed out on in the Hobbycraft sale.









Yarn Needle

I had also somehow managed not to take a yarn needle so we headed to a sewing shop to pick one up. My poor translator had no idea how to translate my craft specific words so we had a fun back and forth where the lady in the shop tried to guess exactly what it was we wanted!

First she thought we wanted knitting needles, then a crochet hook, then a normal needle. I tried to explain that the yarn wouldn’t fit through the normal needle so she brought out a needle threader! And then finally she brought out the longest yarn needle I’ve ever seen, so baffled, I bought it. For 15p! Madness!

So that was my yarny adventure in Macedonia! What are your experiences with buying yarn abroad? Any countries particularly cheap or expensive?


  1. I think I would have needed another suitcase just for yarn. It looks like a marvellous place to visit!

    1. It was amazing, thank you! I will definitely be taking another suitcase next time!

  2. Marissa says:

    What a beautiful place and beautiful yarn! I’d love to visit.

    1. It really was, we’d love to go back! And not just for the yarn lol

  3. Erika says:

    Where is this shop in Skopje? I’m in Makedonia at the moment and must visit there!!! 🙂

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