A Quick Papercraft Project: Pretty Paper Flowers

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I’ve been on a flower making mission of late! After this video by JennieBellie I’ve been very inspired to use my craft papers to make some pretty paper flowers. The brilliant thing about these flower is that you can use any paper or card, even old gift bags or food packaging (provided it’s clean of course!). What I really love about these flowers is that you can mix and match different patterns to get a different effect each time.

Now since my pretty jars post I’ve had a few requests asking how to make these. So today I’ve got a quick picture tutorial for you but of course if you like videos please check out JennieBellie as her video is wonderful to follow along.

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Recycled Paper Flowers

Supplies Needed:

Assorted paper or card in pretty patterns and colours


Pritt Stick (or other stick glue)

PVA glue (or a similar glue)

Flower stalks (either pipe cleaners or sturdy wire)

A pretty button

green tape


Step 1

Gather your pretty papers up, it’s important to note that for these particular paper flowers you would be better off not using thin papers such as tissue paper and instead use something a little sturdier. Fold the paper you are using into quarters ready to cut out the petals.

How to cut the petals

Step 2

Cut your quarters into petals shapes ensuring they stay connected at the corner. Try to keep hold of the middle of the flower so you don’t cut into it, and start the petals an even distance up either side (or you’ll have wonky petals).

A 4 petal flower

This method will make 3 petal flowers, if you would like more petals on your flowers either fold them in half again before cutting, or cut a heart shape out rather than just a petal shape. When cutting all your petals it’s nice to have a variety, not only different amounts of petals but different shaped petals to: some rounded, some very pointy, to give your paper flowers lots of texture.

An 8 petal flower

Step 3

Open up your petals a little with small cuts between them before curling the petals out with scissors. Do this gently, I’ve torn a petal before and it’s a little heartbreaking.

Cut halfway and curl

Step 4

Cut up the side of one of your petals all the way into the centre. You will now cross over two of the petals to make the flower curve inwards. Use the pritt stick to stick these petals together.

Cut to the centre on only 1 petal

Tip: If you did happen to tear a petal in step 3 you can try and hide it at this point by making it the bottom petal of the ones you stick together.

Stick 2 of your petals together

Step 5

Now lay the sets of petals over each other experimenting with colours, shapes and orientation until you are happy. Place a blob of pva between the layers and press them together. It can help to push your finger into the middle of the flower on a flat surface to flatten the middle of the flower a little.

A blob of pva between each set of petals will keep them together
Layer up as many sets of petals as you like

Step 6

Once the layers are fully dry you can poke 4 holes through where your wire is going to thread through your button. This will be much harder to do if your glue is still a little wet and you risk tearing the middle of the flower.

Your wires will come up through 2 holes, through the button, cross over, back through the button holes and out the back of the flower

Now poke your wire through, thread it out of your button and back in again, pulling in back out of the back of the flower.

Pull the button flat to the flower. This may take some wiggling and pushing

You can either twist these together to secure them or wrap green tape around it to hold it in place.

Not the neatest looking but you could glue a pretty piece of paper over to cover it if you like

And there you have it, beautiful paper flowers with no specialist skills or equipment! What are your favourite paper flowers? I would quite like to try my hand at folded flowers next!

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  1. Teresa says:

    They are really pretty, love the detail of the button. I need to get better at making paper flowers, I’ve never been great at cutting the petals straight, but your folded paper method looks so easy. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

    1. I’m glad you like them 🙂 I love picking out the perfect button for the paper! I agree with never cutting petals straight, I am hopeless! Even with the folded method I occasionally get them wonky but it’s definitely more reliable! Thank you for hosting the Really Crafty Link Party!

  2. Laurie says:

    Sophie, I love your flowers and the pretty paper you used! Thanks so much for the awesome how-to! Pinned to share 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Laurie! I’m glad you like them. If you want to get hold of the pretty papers you can get them booklets from the Works for only £1! Thanks for the pin!

  3. Amber Harrop says:

    Such Adorable paper flowers – love the paper you chose

    1. Thank you, it’s such cheap paper too! It’s only from the works <3

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