I’m Starting to Feel Like Yarn Spaghetti

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Do you ever feel like that? Like yarn spaghetti? To clarify, this is yarn spaghetti:



This is my yarn spaghetti that I’ve been slowly attacking for the last 2 weeks. I don’t even know how it got this bad… I think it started when I was making my Crochet Lace Collars; that lovely pink colour has been lingering around in my yarn cupboard for over a year. It’s been in and out of the basket so many times for so many small projects, and then wrapped and rewrapped back up that it’s slowly gotten more and more out of control.

Slowly detangling….



It’s mad how it happens: everything seems to be under control but slowly slipping, then the middle falls out of your ball and suddenly: yarn spaghetti. I’d be tempted to just cut my losses but this yarn is £4 a ball and I’m a cheap skate so here I am slowly detangling.



This is where I realised that yarn is such a wonderful metaphor for life, and this ball seems to have quite successfully summed me up at the moment. Everything was going well, I took on more and more and ever so slowly things began to slip. One day I looked up and I was a mess; all tangled up amongst myself with no clue whether I was coming or going.





So recently I’ve been taking small steps to try and detangle myself: I’ve lowered my hours at work, taken on less responsibility, taken a day each week for myself and tried to prioritise the things that are important to me.

Always in awe at the beauty of spiderwebs

I’ve taken more time for my friends and for home life and I’ve tried to concentrate more on my hobbies that make me happy. Which means more time for craft projects! And more time to practice my photography!

Hate butterflies…. don’t mind taking pictures of them!

It’s so hard in these busy lives of ours to really see what’s important and cut out the things that arent. So lets get a little personal guys and start a conversation below! What is really important to you? What do you want your life to revolve around? And what do you need to do to make that happen. Because as I said in my birthday post: what we really need to be is happy!

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