You Know You Crochet When You…. (10 Habits of an Avid Crocheter)

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My most popular blog post of all time was 5 Biggest Beginner Crochet Mistakes (check it out, it’s a good read!) and I totally know why. We all love laughing at the silly things we’ve done (or still do) in our weird hobbies. Don’t give me that look! Crochet is a weird hobby, we just need to embrace the weird! And when thinking about my weird little hobby I realised that it makes me do the strangest things! Shall we see if you do them too? Here’s 10 crochet habits:

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10 Habits of a crocheter

1. Counting under your breath

We’ve all been there; watching tv, sat in a waiting room or even in a conversation with someone:

‘4, 5, 6, yeah Mary’s was massive, 1, 2, 3’ 

I think my partner has just accepted this and waits for me to finish counting before expecting an answer. The little sounds of counting just seems to follow me around… 4, 5, 6….


2. You can’t go clothes shopping anymore

‘I could make that’

Ooooh no point in my buying that, I could make that’ 

‘I like that! Lets see if there’s a pattern for one’ 

It’s like shopping for inspiration…. so you can go home and try making one

3. Let’s play ‘knit or crochet?’

Can’t see a woolen item without trying to guess and then being pleasantly surprised when you said knit but it turned out to be the Waistcoat stitch! Followed by you acting sheepishly impressed that they managed to fool you! Want to play along? There are online quizzes to test your knowledge! I got 8/14! Shocking result!

4. What stitch is that?

Not a friend can come by without you examining their knitwear!

Is that knit? Ooooh it looks like crochet, let me see! *Squish* yeah that’s nice yarn what’s it made of? Oooh I love the details, what’s that stitch? I’ll just google it’ 

Just like the clothes shopping but somehow more annoying!

5. An ability to pull a project out of nowhere

You’ve been at your mother in laws for hours, everyones drinking and making merry and then your father in law notices that you’ve got yarn in your hand!

‘Where on earth did that come from?’

You’re not quite sure yourself to be honest, you didn’t even bring a handbag. But it’s a pretty project isn’t it?

6. (Not so) Subtly correcting people

Out with friends, talking about homemade things and Bruce bursts out with:

‘Oh Sophie could Knit you one’ 

Cue everyone laughing. You give a customary laugh and reply with

‘I’d have to learn how to knit first though! Hahahaha! I can crochet you one though’

Subtle-not-so-subtle emphasis on crochet. No-one knows the difference, no-one cares but me! But I corrected them anyway….


7. You can sniff out yarn

You’re in the middle of a busy city, in a country you’ve never been to before, and

‘Oooh look a yarn shop, let’s go in!’

No-ones ever quite sure if it’s a coincidence or if it’s pre-planned but you always seem to stumble upon a yarn shop. Or discover a yarn aisle. Or end up at the yarn stall at the market. Just tell them you have yarn-dar. They don’t need to know the truth.

8. You try to show people how easy it is

‘Honestly it’s not that hard, just hold this like this, that around there. Good, now put this in there wrap it around, wrap it around, pull it out, wrap it around, pull it through, wrap it around, pull it through. See I told you it was easy!’ 

And they just  look at the knot they have in their hands and wonder how on earth it makes a jumper…. And why their hand hurts so much. Don’t worry that goes with time.

9. Any time your hands are still is wasted time

In all honesty if I’m doing something where I don’t need my hands I instantly think, this could have been crochet time. At pub or passenger in a car? Crochet time. Just act like it’s normal and people will follow suit….

10. Your Candy Crush time is now ravelry time

Or pinterest time. Or chatting about crochet in facebook groups. You facebook and instagram are just full of other people’s pretty crochet projects. You have 10 Pinterest boards dedicated to crochet patterns. Too many projects, too little time! I want to make and see ALL the pretty things!


So those are my weird habits, what has crochet made you do in a fit of yarn excitement?


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