Super Simple Knitting Project: a Beginners Beanie

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So this week I’ve been diving back into the world of knitting. It’s been months since I’d even tried it again but I’d been given a little push to give it another go after a conversation with a friend. Her daughter wanted her to knit her a hat; she didn’t want her to buy her a hat, she wanted mummy to knit it for her. Children are funny aren’t they? Fortunately mummy knew the basics, she said to me ‘I know how to purl’ and fortunately if you know how to purl a big square, you can make a hat! Don’t believe me? Take a look below:

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Knitted Beanie

This is not a pattern so much a guide on how to make your own beanie, especially if you are an absolute beginner like who only knows one stitch. I have had a small amount of knitting practice in the form of facecloths¬†and not only was I not confident enough to try circular needles, I knew my friend wasn’t either. So we are making this hat project super super simple.

Don’t worry if you’re not the strongest of knitters, this project is for true beginners! You wouldn’t believe the amount of mistakes there are in mine but you can’t really tell once it’s sewn up and on your head!

For this project I used King Cole Big Saver Chunky yarn which is just beautiful and perfect for projects like this. I knitted it up with size 9 needles. I do wish I had thought to take step by step photos however as I was making it I was really just testing out my theory on whether it could be done. Which it can!

Hat Selfie!

Step 1

Cast on enough stitches to barely fit around your head; the stitch we are using is very stretchy and you need it to be a little tight when you wrap it around to account for the stretch. We don’t want your hat to be too big. This make take a little trial and error; I had a pattern telling me to cast on 80 and I ended up working with about 50 but I have a super tiny head.

Step 2

Purl the whole of each row until the square is as long as you want your hat. If you want a slouchy beanie it’s going to be very long. I was going for normal beanie today, I was running low on yarn which definitely influenced my decision. So to test it I rolled the end over to make the brim and laid it over my head until it reached where my ponytail lies.

Now I had to change colours halfway up my hat. I would love to say this was a design decision however I really ran out of cream yarn so I just changed to pink. If you don;t know, or don’t like purl stitch you can make this meanie in any stitch you like!

Step 3

Once it’s the length you want it you can cast off. Step back and admire the super sized facecloth you’ve made! Now this is where we start turning it into a hat

Step 4

Decide which side of the square you want to be the outside of your hat. Not fold your hat in half so the 2 sides meet, putting the outside of your hat on the inside. You can join this edge in one of 2 ways: you can sew it together using a yarn needle or like I did you can crochet up the side and slip stitch them together. Whichever you are most comfortable with is fine.

Step 5

You should now have a tube of knitting, we want to pull the top of the tube closed like we did in this post. Using a yarn needle, thread some of your yarn all the way around the top of the tube before pulling it closed and tying a very secure knot. Roll up the other end and you have a very comfy, very cosy hat!

It’s a bit big for sheepie

Step 6

Make a pom pom as big as you dare for the top! I was running out of yarn otherwise my pom pom would have been bigger! When you tie your pom pom closed leave a long end and use this end to sew the pom pom to your hat.

Step 7

Weave in your ends…. everyone’s least favourite step.


And that is it, really! If you can knit (or crochet) a simple square, you can make a hat! And no-one will ever know it was your very first project! Of course now I have the bug for knitting again so my Macedonia yarn has made it’s way out of the cupboard and onto my needles! I am always amazed by how variegated yarns behave when you knit them up so this yarn should be a bit of an adventure!

If you also want to dive into the world of knitting I have a Pinterest board for that!


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