Let’s try something new: Calligraphy

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Remember when I said in this post that you should try and stick to a few small things and not get overexcited by millions of new projects? Well I suck at taking my own advice! So this week I tried my hand at calligraphy. I say calligraphy, I’ve doodled a bit with a calligraphy marker I found lying around. Let’s just get this straight, this is not a tutorial. Not even close. Let’s just say… I was bad at calligraphy…

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I’m in the midst of wedding planning at the moment, and while we are having a very small event I am hoping to DIY an awful lot of it! The reception is going to be in a house (eeek I know!) so lot of homemade decorations will look super cute! One thing I really want is to have lots of signs around so people know where everything is. Of course Pinterest is full of amazing pictures of beautiful signs with amazing lettering on!

So off I go with my calligraphy pens and a heart full of enthusiasm! Swilling and swirling all over the page! Loops and whoops and artistic hoops appear in a perfect recreation of the most amazing calligraphy you have ever seen! I’M. A. NATURAL.

Then I step back and take a look at my handiwork.

Best not quit the day job quite yet….

Probably the best thing I wrote…

This little experiment has really helped though! It has cemented in my mind that I am absolutely, definitely…. going to have to come up with another plan. I think tracing may be the best option for the most professional looking finish. So watch this space for a tutorial on how to make amazing wedding signs. Don’t worry I’ll make all the mistakes first so you don’t have to!

Top Tip: If your calligraphy looks as bad as mine just keep adding over the top swirls and no-one will ever know!

Swirl it up to hide the bad!

In other DIY wedding news you can look forward to hearing about:

  • Poms poms of all kinds!
  • Bunting of all kinds
  • Jars of all kinds!
  • Creating your own graphics!

This space is my wedding experimentation zone so there’ll be many fails to come!

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