How to Make your own Wedding Invitations! (Part 1)

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Wedding invitations are such an expense for something that is really just a bit of printing. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing invitation designs out there that I absolutely could not do myself, however for us the expense was just not worth it. There are a few options you can consider when your budget is tight and you really want to make your own. Even my non-creative friends made their own wedding invitations and they were wonderful so you definitely can!

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DIY Wedding Invitations

Print and stamp

This method can be quite time consuming but if you have lots of time and no money then it’s perfect for you! All you need is a printer, some paper and card and a pretty stamp. If you have no flair in digital design it is possible to type up some nice, smart invitations that look nice and can be spruced up with a bit of DIY. Cut out your printed design, stick it on some pretty card and suddenly it looks a bit more fancy. Add in some extras such as some pretty stamping, stuck on diamantes or buttons and wrapped up with a ribbon or twine and you have yourself some cute as a button invitations.

Etsy Print

Can’t do digital design but have your heart set on something a bit more professional looking. You can buy invitation designs off etsy that provide you with the digital copies to print off and send yourself. As above you could layer them up with pretty card and you’ve pimped your invitations.

Online invite

Not traditional and often unexpected, however this is the most budget friendly option out there. Sending out a big online invite is not only faster and cheaper than the traditional method but it also means your RSVPs arrive faster! Bonus. It is possible to pimp this how you like and make it as extravagant as you like and know that you will surprise people!


I know this option isn’t for everyone but this is how we made our invitations and it was easier than you think. From making my blog graphics I already had experience using Canva which is a wonderful drag and drop graphics creator that means that even the least creative of you can make something lovely looking. You can even use some of their prepared designs and simply tweak the colours and wording to suit your needs. With a little good quality paper and card you can print them out, assemble a simple envelope to sit them in and voila! You’re very own wedding invites!

Check out part 2 of this post to see which option we went with with and how we did it!! If you’ve made your own invitations, how did you do it? What method appeals to you the most?

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  1. candy says:

    I enjoy seeing all the different DIY invites that arrive in the mail. So many great places on line to order or to learn how to make your own.

    1. I love it when people make their own because they are so unique! And so much more fun to read because you know love when into them ❤️

  2. Caroline says:

    Stamps are a great idea to dress up wedding invitations, thank you cards, and even envelopes. I think there is something nice about the handmade feel they provide, a nice contrast to today’s digital world.

    1. I love using a stamp to add a homemade touch to something! I think I may even buy one specially for out thank you cards to make them a bit more personal! I love it when you get something handmade ❤️

  3. Such cute ideas! Wedding invitations can be so expensive and this is a great way to get around that!

    Sondra xx

    1. Thank you! You’re right they do make up a huge cost and they’re quite easy and fun to make yourself!

  4. Chellbee says:

    I love the idea of the printing and stamping. If I had been more familiar with Canva back then I would have definitely went the self designed route.

    1. I’m so glad i knew about Canva because it made our life so easy! I also love the idea of stamping them, they’d look so rustic!

  5. Awesome ideas! I can totally see me doing this. I got married 15 yrs ago & the stress and the expense were getting to my husband (well not yet ha ) & I and we ended up eloping!

    1. Wow congratulations on 15 years!! It just goes to show though, you don’t need a big flashy wedding as long as you love each other. I kept telling my husband to be that we should elope but we’ve decided to do a small wedding instead.

  6. These are so pretty. My mother-in-law made ours. The theme was Star Trek marries Star Wars. It was beautifully us 🙂

    1. Amazing!! The great thing is that you can make invites that completely represent you!

  7. Lian says:

    This is what my other half and I are planning to do for our invites. We did not want to have them sent off to a printing company. These ideas will allow us to add more of a personal touch to our special day.

    1. That’s fantastic, I’d love to see them once you are done!!

  8. Michelle says:

    I love how there are a lot more options now to make your own invitations. At home, we always do our own party invitations – you can be sure it turns out the way you want and it’s cost-effective.

    1. Absolutely!! And it’s so much more personal to the sender when you’ve made it yourself!

  9. Tina grant says:

    This is so much better than an e-vite which seems to be the trend of most nowadays. I love the personal touch, the time involved that shows the person cares. If I received this it would be a keepsake. Beautiful

    1. We almost considered an e-vite because our wedding is going to be very small but we made them in the end and I’m so glad we did!! It’s so much more personal, and because we didn’t make many we could spend more time on them. I really hope someone keeps my invites ❤️

  10. Jennifer L says:

    i really love the concept of making your own wedding invitations. It adds that special, unique touch. And theres so many concepts that you can make it your own.

    1. The possibilities are endless!! I love the idea of making something that truly represents you 😊

  11. Radif Rahman says:

    Simple but excellent idea. Although I am married but will try for my kids 😀

    1. Thabj you! I think the simplest ideas are often the best 😊

  12. Victoria says:

    This is so great! I’m debating making my own invitations for my son’s first birthday coming up next month. I know how to use Canva, but I’m no wiz. I’m thinking about ordering digital copies from Etsy, like you suggested. Etsy has some awesome invitations!

    1. Etsy has some amazing designs and they are so reasonably priced! If you did want to try Canva however they do have an invitations section that might make your life a little easier: good luck without invites!!

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