30 Things I LOVE About Autumn!

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I make it no secret that Autumn is my favourite time of year! As the weather starts to cool down I relish the chill in the air as I pull my cosy shawls and blankets from the wardrobe! While I know I’m not alone in my love of Autumn, I also know there are those who really do not; who yearn for the summer sun or wish for christmas to hurry up and arrive. A friend of mine is one such person and she has taken the time this Autumn to find things she can appreciate about the season. Taking inspiration from this I have decided to do my own list of 30 things I love about Autumn!!

30 Things I love about Autumn!

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1. The smell

It’s the first thing I always notice; this year I actually smelled it at the very end of August and it got me super excited!! Autumn has a slight…. burny smell. Like bonfires or burnt out fireworks. It’s amazing.

2. Orange trees

When those first leaves start to change and you have trees marbled with green and orange and you just know it’s a matter of time before they all fall! Trees look so much more beautiful in their Autumn colours; dark purples, reds and oranges striking against blue sky!

Colourful leaves!

3. Crispy leaves

And when they finally do fall… I turn into a 10 year old again and go running into them! The only thing more satisfying than the crunch of Autumn leaves is the crunch of freshly fallen snow. But that blog post can wait until winter (or April in the uk….)

4. Blackberry picking

Sometimes I miss the blackberries because they can be quite fleeting, but when I don’t I love to eat them as I pull them off the bush. It’s totally worth getting prickled and nettled when I pull the crumble out the oven!

5. Crumble!

Of any kind: Apple, blackberry pear, apricot, it’s all good as long as it’s drowned in custard!

6. Chilly morning cuppas

This might just be me, but sometimes I like to get up early, put on the dressing gown and slippers and sit in the back garden with a huge cup of tea. Something about the chilly morning air as I warm my hands on the cup is just wonderful.

7. No bugs!

While I enjoy summer I do love the break we get from hordes of bugs attacking you when you leave the house. Not getting attacked by bees and wasps? I’m sure the daddy long legs, butterflies, midges and corn flies are enough to be getting on with…. Thank goodness that’s all over! We just need to deal with the migrating spiders now…

8. Don’t have to cut the grass!

I am very lazy at heart; any excuse not to do the gardening is fine by me!

9. Hot chocolate

Ah the first excuse to be able to indulge in hot chocolate on a regular basis… brb while I go make a hot chocolate!

10. Mulled Cider

More naughty than hot chocolate, less wintery than mulled wine, mulled cider is the perfect autumn drink! Don’t know how to make it? It’s super easy and I tell you  how here.

11. Pecan Pie!

There are many lovely desserts that are great to enjoy in fall, but pecan pie is one that is relatively new to me. I first tried a pecan pie when I made Ruby Tandoh’s Pecan and Rosemary pie and I fell in love with it! So the moment the Autumn equinox hit pecan pie was one of the first things we bought!

12. Squash!

This is when we start to get the good butternut squash in the shops in the uk. The big beasties that you can roast up and turn into any manner of lovely dishes! I do wish out supermarkets stocked a better variety of squash but if I even see a different one I have to try it!

13. Stews

Maybe in a stews! Stews are so versatile and comforting! The perfect food for those cooler nights.

15. Putting the heating on

Is there anything better than the first time you feel the radiators come on? I always look forward to being able to dry clothes on the radiators.

16. Cosying under a blanket

With or without a partner, cosy blanket snuggles make a bad day at work all better! Bonus points if your blanket is in Autumn colours! Bonus bonus points if it’s handmade!

17. Jumpers and boots

Dressing for summer is lovely but I do look forward to being able to just chuck on a jumper and a pair of leggings. Life just gets so much easier!

18. Autumnal colours

I suit Autumn colours, so it’s always a relief to get back into them. Dark purples and reds are where I’m comfortable… I just wish I could pull off mustard!

19. Knitted and crochet goodness

Now we all know I don’t need an excuse to crochet, however now I have a very good excuse to crochet! It’s miserable outside and I need a new hat! And scarf! And a blanket! Check out this post for inspiration!

Cosy knitting and a cuppa!

20. Dark nights

Ooooh I love these dark nights, nothing to take you from your cosy house after work. Just put the tv on and cuddle up. Bonus points if it’s raining.

21. Family time

This goes along with dark nights, but also works for miserable weekends. Put a brew on, gather up the family and crack open the board games, you’ve got nothing else to do!

22. Candles

More dark nights? Of course, dark nights are the best. Add candles mean you have Hygge factor 1000!!!

23. Chilly walks

I do love a chilly walk but it should be a dry Autumn day so if one comes along get out there quick!

24. New TV shows

All TV shows come out on Autumn, it’s like they know we’ve got nothing better to do!

25. Dark Lipstick!

I just love a bit of dark lippy, and halloween season is the perfect time to wear it without looking just a little over the top.

26. The End of bikini season!

Woop! Woop! Now you know we’re all happy that we can stuff our faces guilt free and just hide it under an oversized jumper!

27. Rain!

Oh my, the rain! Rain in summer is depressing, rain in Autumn is correct. It’s supposed to rain, so when it does we’re just happy that we have a valid excuse to stay inside and pig out on mulled cider and dairy milk!

28. Cosy bed snuggles

Longer nights mean longer in bed! Get that quilt wrapped around you and dive into a book

29. Hot water bottle

One of my favourite things to do when it gets cold is to put my hot water bottle into bed and let it warm up while I brush my teeth. The I get into bed and warm my feet up with because they are always icy.

30. Bonfire Night!!

This is the most important one of all!! Bonfire night is the best! Check out this post for my tips on how to do it properly!

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And those are my personal favourite things about Autumn!! What do you love about pumpkin season?

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  1. Lacy says:

    Thanks for getting me excited about fall! I didn’t think about new show and no bugs! Great perks in the fall!

    1. You’re very welcome!! There’s so many things to love about fall ❤️🍁

  2. Oindrila says:

    You had me at TV shows!

    1. Haha so much to watch!!!

  3. Aurie says:

    Personally I am a total summer kind of girl. But I love fall too! Especially the orange leaves (favorite color), hot chocolate, and Yes that smell that lets you know that the Holidays are just around the corner too!

    1. The smell brings so much anticipation with it! I love summer too, but I’m always ready for the weather to cool down by the end.

  4. I honestly can’t find a single reason not to like the fall weather. My favorite has got to be the lack of bugs once the weather starts to cool off. Here in the south, the bugs practically carry you away the moment you step outside so being able to actually enjoy being outside in autumn is such a welcoming feeling that I love to spend as much time outdoors as possible before it becomes too cool.

    1. Oh wow, I am not a fan of bugs! We’re quite lucky that we live in North of the UK so as far as bugs go we have it quite easy, doesn’t mean I like them though 😂 You are right, there is no reason not to like fall! I even like the rain once it’s not summer anymore!

  5. Tizzy Says says:

    My favorite things about Autumn are the color changing leaves, cooler weather, and the death of all sand fleas..lol

    1. I agree with all of them, although we don’t get sand fleas here but I love that we are done with bugs for the year!

  6. Aireona says:

    I have to live vicariously through you all! Fall where I live is basically not a thing. It is just slightly nice out for a few days after it is done being too hot and before it gets too cold (for me). XD

    1. Awwww that’s such a shame! Where do you live? And remind me never to move there 🙈

  7. I love your take on this! Especially the no bugs and no yard cutting! So true! lol

    1. Haha I really do hate doing the grass 😂

  8. Blair villanueva says:

    Your post is making me jealous. Howbi wish we have autumn in the Philippines. But we also enjoy a hot chocolate drink during holiday seasons.

    1. Awwww you’re the second person who has said they don’t get autumn, I’m so sorry! Well at least you have hot chocolate to look forward to!

  9. Tina grant says:

    I have to agree with you on all of these except one – crispy leaves- sorry but the leaves drive me nuts. Seems like I m raking them for weeks. Blankets and a hot cuppa tea are my favorites oh and a good book 😉

    1. Haha I love to kick the leaves, but I can see how they would be annoying 😂

  10. andrea says:

    Fall is my ALL TIME favorite holiday. We used to live in the mountains of Western NC now we live in nasty TX so a little tough to see any fall colors. have a fabulous Fall!!!

    1. Awww well I hope you can find some fall goodness where you are now! Thank you!

  11. Just reading this list made me feel all cozy and warm inside! I love when the air gets a little colder and Autumn rolls around 🙂

    Sondra xx

    1. Glad I could inspire cosy warm feelings ❤️ autumn is just the best!

  12. Ritika says:

    Ahh! I love blackberries – just made a pie filled with them! I am such a big fan of “Fall” color too! Love the orange trees!

    1. Oooh I love blackberry pie!! Very jealous right now!

  13. Megan Miller says:

    EVERYTHING! Minus Pecan Pie (nut allergy) seriously fall is my favorite season! We are just now getting into Fall weather thank goodness. I don’t think I could live anywhere without Fall.

    1. I definitely couldn’t live anywhere without fall! Very sorry about the nut allergy though, I do love pecan pie 😞

  14. Pammy says:

    I love reading your list as I can totally relate to lot’s of them lol! I enjoy boots and coat season specially when I see everyone in the family a lot more often 😀

    1. Yay I’m so glad 😁 yeah, I love when the weather gets colder and we can snuggle up with family ❤️

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