Have a DIY Halloween: How to deck yourself out for Halloween DIY style!

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I used to celebrate Halloween a lot as a child. I loved to dress up in bin liners and haunt the streets looking for chocolates! Halloween has changed a lot since then, it’s become bigger and more commercialised and I think it’s lost a lot of its charm. There is something so much more homely about a homemade outfit, a badly carved pumpkin and ghostly decorations made of string and old carrier bags.

If you want to take Halloween back to the basics then look no further! This post does contain some affiliate links in which if you purchase through them I may receive a small commission towards my crafts fund. All opinions expressed here are my own and I would never recommend anything I would not purchase myself, please take a look at my disclosure policy.

DIY Halloween Projects

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Dressing Up

Now I see nothing wrong with making a witches dress out of a black bin liner or a spooky ghost out of an old sheet. However there some amazing DIY costume ideas out there that really do look amazing! SO here is a small selection of some of my favourite DIY costumes:

Little Granny Costume If you’re little one is celebrating one of their first Halloween this would be SO cute! With a few grey pom poms and some fake glasses, you could have your very own little granny!

Rain Cloud This costume is so creative and dead easy to make! I love that most of the costume is on a hat so if your little one gets sick they can just pull it off for a while.

Easy Spider and Web When you’ve got 2 little ones it makes for costume double trouble! These 2 costumes look so good together and come together surprisingly easily!

Rainbow Unicorn Seriously how cool is this rainbow unicorn costume?! And it’s not even very complicated, it mostly just takes a lot of tulle!

Crazy Cat Lady I love this outfit! With a few stuffed kitties and some hair rollers, it looks amazing!

Spooky Treats!

Normally every year we break out the multipacks of popular sweets *cough Haribo cough mars bars cough* but wouldn’t it be fun to give the kids something a little different? I always remember an old lady who lived near us who would always give us a slice of spooky cake rather than sweets and we loved it! You can get really creative with your solution so here is just a few to get the ideas flowing:

Tissue Paper Pumpkins If you don’t have the time to bake but still want to do something different, then these little pumpkin parcels are super easy and really cute! Fill them with lots of mini sweets and you have a lovely present for your little trick or treaters.

Mummy Pops made with Oreos, these little mummies could not be easier! And they look amazing!

Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treats Another no-bake treat that looks really cool! And who doesn’t love Rice Krispy treats!

Pizza Mummy Braid Children get some many sweets for Halloween; get a little extra goodness into your own little ones with a spooky pizza for tea! This could be filled with all manner of hidden vegetables and goodies and you can guarantee that the kids will love them!!


You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your house look super spooky! Of course, there is the carved pumpkin: I like to sit them at the end of the drive so you can see them from the street. I love using the mache and foam supplies from Hobbycraft to spruce up my house for the season and the Hobbycraft blog has loads of great ideas!

Creepy Halloween Jars use simple supplied to make great jars for sweets or candles. If you’re like me and you’ve been saving all your glass jars, clean them out and use them for this! With a few simple supplies such as googly eyes, spiders or black paint they can be made super creepy! You might even have some of these lying around the house.

Halloween Wreath this could be made with the basic wreath and some black netting but you can jazz it up with all sorts of extras!

Halloween Bunting is super simple with the use of bright and creepy felt sheets!

Once these are up, add in some creepy spider webs and eerie ghosts and you’re on the right track to a scary halloween house!

More seasonal crafts to be found on Pinterest!


  1. Mommy-arty says:

    Ah brilliant, but don’t forget boo-nana’s and boo-meringes 😄 our weather is so terrible we now do a Halloween treat hunt around the house. Half the fun is in the making it x

  2. Fantastic, DIY is my go-to way to decorate. I like to find inexpensive stuff and make it my own. I don’t carve pumpkins, but I have the lighter kind. I love Halloween and Decor.

    1. DIY decor just feels so much more homely and personal doesn’t it? Especially halloween and christmas decor!

  3. I absolutely adore the rain cloud costume! So cute and easy to make, too! The Creepy Halloween jars are so adorable.

    1. Honestly, the raincloud is my favourite!! A future child of mine is definitely being dressed up as a raincloud at some point!!

  4. Tatyanna says:

    These are such awesome tips! So great for new moms like me.

    xx Tatyanna

  5. Amanda Kruse says:

    I think the rainbow unicorn costume is popular this year. I am dressing as “Netflix & Chill.”

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

    1. Yeah unicorns have been insanely popular this year! Just how do you dress up as Netflix and chill? I’d love to see!

  6. Pammy says:

    Those are cute spooky projects! Awesome ideas for the coming Halloween!

    1. Thank you! I hope you have a great Halloween! 🎃🎃

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