Crochet Puff Stitch Autumn Beanie

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As the weather cools down I begin to do less and less crafts and concentrate more on yarny projects. Yesterday morning was the coldest yet: it was pitch black and freezing cold as I rolled out of bed and blearily got ready for work. I shivered through the fog as we drove to work and then finally, at around 9 o’ clock I could appreciate the chilliness as I stood outside in my winter coat watching the fog over the fields. I truly hate getting up in the dark mornings but truly crisp English mornings may actually be worth it. Don’t ask me at the time though because you’ll get a grumpy pet lip and a growl in return.

I am in total hat mode at the moment. I’ve had some orders for cosy winter hats and my imagination is going wild! We’ve had a couple of trips to Hobbycraft so far and it takes all my willpower not to grab ALL the cosy Autumn colours! We’d seriously be bankrupt.

Easy crochet puff stitch beanie, can be worn as a pom pom beanie or a slouchy beanie!
Look at that colour!

The yarn I’ve used today is Patons Wool Blend Aran in Burgundy Tweed which was really wonderful to work with. Because it is a wool blend it’s not a soft yarn that makes you want to just sit and squish the ball all day. However, firstly the yarn was lovely to crochet with, it keeps lovely tension, has nice stitch definition and makes a lovely chunky hat. I was worried that when I wore it, it would feel scratchy but it’s lovely and cosy!

Easy crochet puff stitch beanie, can be worn as a pom pom beanie or a slouchy beanie!
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Puff Stitch Beanie

I used a very simple beanie method in which you crochet a tube and then zip up the top to make it into a hat shape. In this beanie, I wanted the option to use it as a slouchy beanie or a normal beanie. For this beanie, I made a wide band which can be worn as it is or rolled up to change how slouchy the hat is: a stroke of genius or just a bit odd? We’ll see…..

So this hat is crocheted in 2 parts and can be made to absolutely any size you like.

Part 1: The Band


SC in each chain across, turn

Working in back loops only, Sc in each chain across, repeat until the band is as wide as you need it.

Fold the band over so the ends meet and slip stitch together. This seam will go on the inside.

Now it’s very difficult to judge on your own head if the band is big enough; it wouldn’t be the first time I’d misjudged and made it much too big. Make sure it still needs to stretch a little to fit around your head otherwise it won’t be able to hold on when you wear it and it won’t be comfortable.

Easy crochet puff stitch beanie, can be worn as a pom pom beanie or a slouchy beanie!
You can wear it as a slouch beanie


Part 2: The Hat

Now that you have your band, you can sc evenly all around the top edge of the band to make the base for you to crochet into.

The puff stitch pattern is very easy once you know how. This video will show you how to puff stitch.

Begin the row with a chain 2 and puff stitch into the first stitch. (for this first puff stitch I like to do only 2 yarn overs rather than 3 because it is in the same space as the chain). * sk 1 stitch, puff stitch in next ch* repeat * to * all the way around and slip stitch to join.

To make a seamless join I like to then single crochet into the previous space between puff stitches, chain 1 and then do a mini puff stitch (with only 2 yarn overs) into the same space. Puff stitch into each space around and slip stitch to join.

Repeat the last row until the hat is as long as you want it and tie off.

Easy crochet puff stitch beanie, can be worn as a pom pom beanie or a slouchy beanie!
You can roll up the band to make a traditional beanie

Thread some yarn all the way through the last row and pull the ends together to pinch it into a point and secure with a knot. Decorate with your biggest pom pom.

After wearing this hat a couple of times I much prefer to wear it with the brim folded up, its much cosier as a proper beanie. This is the first of my 3 ‘Long Hair and Hats’ beanies that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more cosiness!

Comment below with your favourite winter hat patterns!

Easy crochet puff stitch beanie, can be worn as a pom pom beanie or a slouchy beanie!
I get bored easily

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  1. Norah Chinneck says:

    Is this puff stitch beanie worked in continuous rounds – ie, you don’t ch 1 each time you slip stitch to join?

    1. This particular patter is worked in rounds. I like to slip stitch to join, then slip stitch into the next chain space that you would work your puff stitch into. You can then chain for height and work your firt puff stitch into this space. I hope that helps

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