Crocheting for the Avid Reader

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Today is one of those dull days where I feel like I’ll need the light on all day. I’m on my second cup of tea already and I’m putting off taking photos because I know it’s going to be a pain. With the snow forecasts lately all I want to do is curl up with a book and not have to do any work! Of course, that is not possible, I need to force myself to do at least some work….

I am definitely in a crafting slump. In fact, the last thing I crafted was our wedding invitations which makes me think I may have sickened myself of crafting for a while. It doesn’t help to know that I have a lot of crafting to do before we get married…. a lot of crafting. Here’s an approximate list of the jobs I have to do:

  • Charity shop run for photo frames: These will come in very useful and we’ll need a lot of them
  • Charity shop run for crockery: Catering our own wedding means we’re going to need a lot of cheap crockery
  • Hanging decorations: There will be many but they can probably wait until after Christmas
  • Bunting: urg I don’t even know where to start with bunting… buy it? make it?
  • Glass jars: We are collecting glass jars but I really do need to start deciding how I’m going to decorate them
  • Backdrops: this is going to take a lot of ribbon or material which may be worth waiting until January for.

I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a hundred jobs off the list but who wants to look at a massive list of jobs? Not me that’s for sure.

On a brighter note, I’ve been crocheting! This is most definitely crochet time of year. So at the moment, it’s hats; my puff stitch beanies are in high demand! I am now making another in the burgundy tweed and 2 more in blue for a matching family! Plus, a grey one for a charity auction and whatever else I have time to make.

How to read and crochet at the same time
Winter hat pile!

Now my list of everything I want to do grows every year, but I can’t be the only person who can’t help but veg after work? I just can’t bring myself to go out in the cold and spraypaint jars…. Instead, I’ve been cuddling up with a good book. This is exactly the time of year to be cuddling up with a book and some crochet.

I have actually only recently begun to crochet and read at the same time because I didn’t think it was possible…. I have, however, seen the light and I think I’m going to start flying through my reading list.

How to read and crochet at the same time
>> Pin Me <<

Tips for reading while crocheting

  • Pick your position wisely. If your book is flat you’re going to be hunched over it for a long time, prepare for pins and needles. If your knees are up with your book resting in it then your crochet may hinder your view of the pages.
  • Be prepared for damages. If you are using a stiff paperback book then you are going to crack some spines. I am not prepared for this so I’ve only been reading hardback books; any paperbacks will have to be bought on my kindle.
  • Use a weight or a clip to keep your pages in place. My favourite is a long thin hair clip but I have also used my stitch markers and my phone (and even my feet) to keep the book open.
How to read and crochet at the same time
Using a hairclip

The last book I read was ‘The Little Book of Lykke’, a wonderful look at how the worlds happiest people live and just how we can make small changes in our lives and communities to make ourselves happier. Such a lovely book and written with a wonderful sense of humour.

I am now preparing for Christmas, with Nigel Slater’s ‘The Christmas Chronicles’; his cookbooks are more like diaries and I read them as such, usually adding post-it notes whenever I come across a recipe I like.

So, what are you guys reading and hooking at the moment?


  1. Casey Capra says:

    What a fun post! I can’t crochet and read quite yet, still learning… but I can knit and read like nobody’s business 😉
    I’ve also used my feet to hold open books! Lol

    1. Glad you enjoyed! It’s been a revelation being able to do both! Knitting and reading is certainly much easier than crochet and reading mind, I fly through books when I’m knitting!

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