How to make your own Wedding invitations (part 2): The Design 

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Every bride dreams of a big white wedding…. Although I think actually I always dreamed of a small green wedding…. I never had a dream of a big wedding as a child and the longer we were engaged (5 years 8 days… I didn’t count) the more a DIY day appealed to me. Being a craft blogger may have been a small influence in this. So when we were talking about wedding invitations we never even discussed buying them, we were always going to do DIY. My previous post ‘DIY wedding invitations‘ goes through some the options I considered before we decided on our final plan.

Designing Wedding Invitations

Idea 1

This was a long process for us that went from something very small to something very big and then back to something small again. Our wedding is to be an intimate affair, very low key and very informal. The idea behind our invitations then was that we wanted it to be as simple as possible. So option number 3 was the most likely: online invite!

Idea 2

However, then he had an idea of making an infographic style invite and printing it out double sided and posting it in smarties tubes! I was not complaining, I need no excuse to stuff my face with chocolate! But guess what? Smarties tubes are no longer round… they changed the shape of them a few years back and even took out the stoppered tops… so inconsiderate… and now we couldn’t find appropriately sized tubes anywhere.

I retrospect…. this quandary has saved us a probable fortune in postage.

Idea 3

This led to idea number 3, a pocket envelope that our infographic slots into. My lovely mum has a die cut machine but I couldn’t for the life of me find a die the size and shape that we wanted. No biggie, let’s buy a cutting board and cut the design out. Well, let’s just say that is time-consuming. Cutting out the little tabs for the sides of the pocket made the whole thing 10 times more time-consuming. So…..

Idea 4

I went back to the drawing board and finally came out with this simplified design, using homemade elongated photo corners to hold the invite in place and using those corners in the design of the envelope. And here is the result:

Our final invitations


They’re pretty cute, right? And in the end, not all that complicated.

How to:

Digital Design

It was very much a team effort for us to design the actual invite; he wrote all the information and jokes because he’s the funny one (no seriously, I’m not funny) and I made it pretty. The trick is to do your design in stages:

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Step 1

Open Canva and search the templates section for something that matches your needs in terms of layout.

Click Explore Templates

The templates section has hundreds of templates to choose from, you can even click on ‘Invitations’ (shown below) and you will get a huge list of different types of invitations to choose from.

Click on this picture for the Wedding Invitations section

Think about what kind of sections you need, whether or not you’re going for a traditional layout or whether you’re going to think outside the box entirely. Canva has an absolutely huge section of invitations but for us, we got our design from the infographics section. Once you have the basic layout you want you can plug in your personal information, just get the basics down so you can begin to tweak the dimensions to fit your needs.

Step 2

Start thinking about how to personalise the design; for instance, we added different ‘elements’ to the design to reflect the wording, such a bowling ball and champagne flutes. Canva is an intuitive drag and drop program meaning you can easily add, take away and tweak as much as you like. These sections on the left (shown below) can be used to add any type of shape or picture to your design. The search bar can be used to search for items such as ‘flower’ or in our case ‘bowling ball’ and a selection will come up for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can click on the options and explore the layouts and shapes available.

The fun part

Once you have everything exactly where you want it you can move to step 3.

Step 3

Colour scheme! Hopefully, you already have a colour scheme in mind for your wedding so for this stage it’s simply a matter of changing every colour to fit in with that. Most ‘elements’ will let you change their colouring so even the pictures you add can be edited to fit in.

When you click on an ‘element’ you can use these squares to change the colour of the item

Canva has so many useful features to really help with the design. I particularly made use of the transparency tool; making the ‘element’ the colour I wanted it, moving it back a layer so it was behind the writing and then using the transparency to fade it into the background. If this sounds complicated, it’s really not but you do need to play with it to get the hang of it. To make 2 sides for our invites I simply used the ‘Copy this page’ button (to the side of your design) to duplicate the page, giving me a second one to edit. When you get your invites printed they should be able to print one of each side for you.

Step 4

Once you have completed step 3 and you are happy with the design you can print! I recommend doing a few test prints to make sure the colours print correctly and nothing prints strangely. I’m very glad we did test prints because our colours came out all wrong and we had to change the file format (or something technical he may have explained to me) before they would print the correct colours. You can then use your fancy paper to print it onto; we used a heavy 400gsm matte paper in a lovely off-white colour.

It took a lot of playing and fiddling to get us our wedding invites, however, our finished product is something we are proud of! And now we can say that our wedding invitations are super personal and a perfect representation of the 2 of us! Now that you have your invites you need a nice envelope to put them in…. you can buy lots of pretty envelopes at fairly reasonable prices but if you want to do some similar to our you can keep your eye out for part 3: DIY wedding envelopes!

We all need inspiration, take a look at my wedding Pinterest board, or comment below with your ideas!



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