15 Quick and Easy Festive Fixes

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I have an idea in my head of what type of person I’d like to be, especially this time of year when we want to be giving and festive. The problem is the Christmas season comes and goes and I find that time has passed me by; I haven’t done any of the wonderful festive things I’d like to. I’d love to be the person who whips up a super batch of Christmas cookies and homemade cranberry sauce and hands them out to my neighbours. Of course, things never turn out as expected and rather than gifting my neighbours with festive delights, I end up hastily wishing them a Merry Christmas in passing. It’s so sad, as we lead our busy lives it’s so hard to find the time to really take in the season. To help us capture small moments of festivities, I’ve compiled a list of quick fixes to get us through the season!

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20 Festive Ideas

1. Make an all-out hot chocolate

I’m talking cream, marshmallows, edible glitter, mini gingerbread man and a flake sticking out of the top! Make your hot chocolate as ridiculous as you possibly can! Nothing feels more festive than going all out and over the top! Bonus points if you’re sharing your hot chocolate moment with loved ones! Extra bonus points if you find the time to put it in a take-out cup and take it on a winter walk.

2. Cosy up with the candles on

It’s so easy to plonk down in front of the TV on a night time but if you take a few extra minutes to set the scene with some candles, suddenly everything is just that bit more festive. Bonus points for a Christmas scented candle!

3. Mull something

I don’t think anything gets me in the mood more than the smell of mulling, and you can do it super simply. Pour your bottle of wine or cider (or apple juice) into a pan and add 3 cloves, 2 star anise, 1 cinnamon stick and a sliced orange and let it slowly warm and mull with little to no effort.

4. Wear cosy Christmas socks

Wooly socks make me feel so cosy! Pair that up with them being Christmas socks and you have festive cosiness!

5. Eat mince pies

Doesn’t matter if you make them or buy them; a warm mince pie is instant Christmas.


6. Look at Christmas lights

Driving home in the dark is dull, change up your route home and see pretty Christmas lights and you will feel an instant Christmas boost!

7. Listen to your most nostalgic Christmas tunes

The biggest part of feeling Christmassy is getting that feeling back from your childhood when it was all about the presents and the excitement. Music is so good at taking us back; a single song can transport you back to a moment in your life you had forgotten. Also dancing to cheesy Christmas music with a glass of wine should be mandatory at this time of year!

8. Visit the local garden centre

I never knew until recent years that garden centres have such a wonderful display of Christmas themes and a lovely selection of decorations. Yes, they may be overpriced but simply walking through and looking can lift the Christmas spirits.

9. Have a festive night in with friends

It is the wrong time of year to be donning heels and a dress and trawling the bars. Instead, get into your onesies, put on a Christmas film and have a girly night in!

10. Dig out old hats and scarves to donate to charity

Part of the Christmas vibe I never seem to have time for is giving small things to those around me who I don’t know such as neighbours or the poor. Something that doesn’t take much time, however, is gathering a few of your old cosy items and dropping them off at a charity shop on the way past.

Do we really need them all?

11. Watch a Christmas film

I may have already mentioned this in number 9, but this can be a Christmas film alone, with a super hot chocolate (number 1) and some Quality Streets (number 12).

12. Eat Quality Streets or Celebrations

There is something about these chocolates that means they are reserved for Christmas (don’t ask me why), so rather than waiting for someone to gift you a tin, just buy a sneaky one for yourself!

13. Make cranberry sauce

I know this seems like it would be a huge faff on when you can buy it out of a jar but nothing beats homemade cranberry sauce! Plus, the recipe I use (Jamie Oliver) takes a grand total of 20 minutes and fills your house with the gorgeous smell of simmering cranberries!

14. Roast Vegetables

Hands off dinners are what winter is all about; 5 minutes of chopping followed by an hour in the oven and you now have time to do any of the above festive things! I find the smell of roasting vegetables particularly festive, filling your house with that lovely crispy umami roasting kinda smell.

15. Watch Christmas crafty shows

I always feel festive when I watch Kirsty Allsopp! I never do most of the things she does but I love to watch her and dream of doing it anyway!!

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So that’s my 15 Festive Fixes! What do you like to do to get yourself into the holiday spirit when you’re short on time?



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