DIY wedding: A very personal cork garland

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When we first booked our wedding my husband to be received some important advice from one of his closest friends:

“First: If she asks you a question about colour or whether or not she likes something and you’re not sure which one she prefers respond with a question about her question until it’s clear she knows which one she prefers.

Second: Any time you are making a decision to do with the wedding make sure you are drinking prosecco.”

I have to admit this was very good advice; men, take note on how to help make decisions, this is the safest method! It’s the second part of this advice that really stuck with us though, we do love prosecco. Now, of course, not everyone is a raging alcoholic like me but this project could be used with anything you like to celebrate with to add a really personal note to your wedding. We seemed to take it as a bit of a challenge: we stocked up on bottles of prosecco and tried to make sure all wedding decisions were made on alcohol appropriate days (ie. weekends). If a decision made mid-week however, we still had to have some… those were the rules!

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Wedding Cork Garland

Step 1: Drink lots of prosecco

Or wine. Or eat chocolate. Whatever your chosen celebration is.

Step 2: Label your corks

I bought some tiny package tags, tied one to each cork and wrote on each one why we drank it. There were a few occasions when the stress of the wedding got too much and we felt we really deserved a drink… those corks were labelled “general wedding stress”. Well,¬†you’ve got to find some way to cope!

Step 3

Tie each cork to a long length of twine and hang like bunting.

Step 4

Add a little sign so people know what your corks are for and stand back and admire how cute your cork garland is!

Super easy craft but one of my favourite little personal touches from our wedding. Let me know in comments below, what would you make your garland from?

I love Pinterest wedding inspiration!


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