DIY Wedding: Childhood Photos Wedding Display

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I love it when you go to a wedding and you can see childhood photos of the bride and groom; because whether it’s an intimate family wedding or a large affair, everyone wants to reminisce on the past or nosy in on the happy couples embarrassing past! There are so many ways to incorporate this into your wedding decor from free-standing frames for guests to walk past or centrepieces that keep them talking. I loved all of these ideas. Unfortunately, we had the space to do none of them. The problem with having an intimate house wedding is you have to be a little bit more creative to incorporate these cute elements into your decor.

My original plan for these photos was to use a washable pen and a funky font to ink ‘Mr & Mrs’ onto a large mirror we had hanging in the hallway. I would then use removable hooks, some twine and mini pegs to make little washing lines to hang the photos from. This served the purpose of giving people a reason to stand in the hallway, while also providing decorative value to something that was already there. And it had the exact desired effect! People would gather in the hallway, talking together about the photos and helping keep some of the other areas of the house congestion free.

Credit: Anete Lusina

As you can see, in the end, I decided that the handwritten title was unnecessary making this the simplest wedding craft I could possibly think of.

>> Pin Me << Credit: Anete Lusina

Childhood Photo Mirror

Supplies Needed

1 large mirror

2 lengths of twine

4 small command hooks

A handful of mini clothes pegs

A selection of childhood photos


Stick on your command hooks, following the packet instructions. You should leave the hooks for an hour before hanging anything from them but I was busy and didn’t wait.

Tie your twines to the hooks to make 2 clotheslines. You don’t want them to be too tight but if they are too loose, the photos will pull them down too much. If in doubt, make it too long, you can always cut some off later.

Peg your photos onto the washing lines. Job done! Let me know in the comments: How would you display your photos?

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  1. Mommy-arty says:

    It was such an effective piece for its simplicity. Not just to reminisce but to see special moments in each other’s families. It was lovely telling and hearing the stories behind them, it’s a brilliant way for both families to get to know each other and bond. (Uh Oh, here come the tears lol) xx

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