Finding your Crafting Inspiration

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I think it’s safe to say that the last 6 months have taught me a few things about crafting… which is fortunate because I’ve done very little blogging of late. We were very busy of course, planning our DIY wedding! In this process, I have learned so much about different crafts, DIY decor and party planning. One of the things I’ve learned the most, however, is where I find my inspiration from. We’re all different when it comes to inspiration and motivation and sometimes it takes something big and challenging to realise where what really inspires us!

What inspires me?

One of the things I really found inspires me is first: necessity. Having a need for something and having to find a solution to fill that need. One of the reasons I’ve been left uninspired in the past is that our home has had no place for me to craft for, yet at least. And I worry that if I do make something for the home that other people won’t like it and now I have a wasted craft hanging about. The great thing about the wedding was that if the craft went wrong or it wasn’t liked, then it was only for 1 day. I know this is a little different to how people view their wedding day but it worked for me!

Pinterest was a great inspiration for me, often giving me the base of my idea to build upon, although sometimes if a search for something was unsuccessful it also inspired me to try it out myself and see if it could be done! Sometimes even the lack of help can inspire you!

One last thing that really surprised me was that I worked so well with a looming deadline, in fact, over the last 2 weeks I was finding extra projects to squeeze in!

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How to get inspired

Obviously I may find inspiration in different ways to you,  however, there are a few things you could try if you find yourself in an inspiration slump

  • Find your purpose. Finding a place where you need something will help give you a place to start, even if you don’t know what it needs yet. Have an event coming up? Someone who needs a gift? Or even just an empty wall in your house?
  • Set yourself a deadline. Often a deadline can bump your brain into action, giving it a reason to start working again. Now for me, simply “it needs to be done by this date”, just won’t work. If I know it’s not a strict deadline I’ll talk myself into not needing to finish it on time. I need a strict date: a wedding or event, someone coming to stay, be creative if you need to.
  • Do some research. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, a bit of research on the broad area you’re looking at can really start to get those ideas going. And let’s admit it, very few of us need much convincing to spend a few hours on Pinterest…
  • Dabble. This is a biggie for me, often I don’t know what I want to do and not having many crafts under my belt feels like a hindrance. If you’re lacking inspiration try playing with a new craft for a while to see if gets the creative juices flowing.

Don’t let your slump get you down

This is really important. You have a cupboard (or room?) full of craft supplies and you can’t think of a single project? That’s fine, stressing over it will only make it harder to inspire yourself. Take a break and enjoy the chill time, it won’t be long until you’re up to your elbows in hot glue once again! It’s been around 3 months since I crocheted (before Christmas even!), and if I’m perfectly honest my last project was unacceptably bad. This is ok though because I’m loving my glue gun and scrapbooking supplies; I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m picking up my hook again!

Let me know below!

Are you currently in a slump? Got some tips to share on how you find your own inspiration? Leave some comments below, I’d love to start some conversations and get all our creative juices flowing!!

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