DIY wedding hack: Cheap and easy chalkboard sign!

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It’s been a while now since the hubbub of our wedding died down, thankfully I have lots of friends and family with weddings this year so my crafting energy has somewhere to focus. One of the things I get asked for a lot is chalkboard wedding signs. There are so many places in a wedding that a sign would come in so handy, or even just look super cute! of course, we were having a budget wedding so I had to find a way to make those signs happen without breaking the bank. Now I actually have 2 versions of these signs depending on how cheap you really want to do it. Of course, for my friends’ weddings I’ve done the slightly more expensive option as it does look nicer however for my own wedding, we completely cheaped out and no-one seemed to notice.

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Chalkboard Sign


Photo frames

Chalkboard paint or black paper

Chalkboard pens (the thinner the tip the better for this job)

Step 1

FInd yourself some photo frames. If you’re very particular about your style and colour scheme you can buy these brand new which does help when using chalkboard paint as you have a nice clean cardboard surface to work with. If you’re like me and like things mismatched and eclectic then you can scour the charity shops for old photo frames and use them instead. We were very lucky and found a whole box of old frames for £10.

Step 2

Choose how cheap you want to go. If we’re on a strict budget, cut your black paper to fit into each photo frame. If not you can use your chalkboard paint to paint the backing of the frame (if this is in bad condition you could also cut some thick card to fit and paint that)

Step 3

This is where I get (very slightly) technical. You want to lay your words out in a word document (I use Canva as it has lots of beautiful fonts and is easy to rearrange) in the fonts that you want so you can play with the fonts and layout. Once you’re happy with your layout you can copy it down onto your frame in pencil. Don’t be afraid to use some very light guidelines to keep your lettering straight and keep the size consistent.

Step 4

Once your lettering is down in pencil you can then go over it with your chalk markers. It’s also worth noting that if you’re working on paper these metallic markers look gorgeous and the white one is a really good substitute for a chalk marker.

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