Crochet Doughnut Keyring

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Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. You plod along doing each thing as it comes and the next thing you know, it’s months later and you haven’t crocheted anything new. Ok, I’m well aware that this issue affects more than just crochet and that it does affect all aspects of our lives. How often have you gotten on with life day by day and then realised you haven’t seen some of your best friends in months? Happens far too often to me. To balance this out I’ve taken a new approach to projects (and friendships) by trying to fit them in in small doses.

My friendships are largely WhatsApp based at the moment so every now and then I make sure I take a small amount of time out of a weekend or a night here and there to make sure they get the love they deserve. It might only be a quick breakfast before my busy weekend but it’s the little things that keep you going

With the same theory, I’ve begun to crochet small projects that can be made in only a night or 2. Ensuring my hands are busy but my brain is not so occupied that I can concentrate on Orange is the new Black. While I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my Sophie’s Universe, (which I will be updating you on soon) each new row requires concentration to get the pattern right and that just not necessarily practical every day. This is where my small projects come in handy; the first project being, mini crochet doughnut keyring.

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The pattern courtesy of Hello Yellow Yarn. Now, of course, I’m a real stickler for not sticking to a pattern and generally just winging it but I think I did rather well this time. I actually followed the pattern with everything except how you join the halves together. The thing is I hate sewing projects together, it reminds me too much of weaving in ends. Once I’m done with the crochet hook I feel as if the project should be finished at that moment so sewing just feels like a slog. I wish I could say that I’d managed to finish this whole project without having to sew but that would be a lie.

Firstly, rather than crochet each part separately and sewing both halves together I decided to begin the second half from the middle of the first half so the inside of the rings were already attached. Genius! I’ve just saved myself 15 stitches. As it’s the very centre of the doughnut it doesn’t matter so much what it looks like as you can’t really see it. That’s what I’m telling myself to save 15 stitches anyway.

Once both halves were completed I tried to slip stitch them together which didn’t really look very neat and in the end, I did it the way the pattern said… oh heaven forbid. They did end up looking really cute though! Make a little 3 chain loop on the top, attach to a keyring and you have a little calorie-free doughnut wherever you go! Want to make one yourself? Check out the link above. Want to skip that step and just buy one? Check out my facebook store!

I have 150 empty keyrings left, let me know in the comments below, what should I put on them?

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