A Wedding Scrapbook

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This post is way overdue considering we are coming up to our second wedding anniversary; however what better way to celebrate than to look back on our perfect day with our wedding scrapbook.

With so many ways to do a guestbook at your wedding it’s so hard to decide how to celebrate who you shared your big day with! I love the decorative idea of having a thumbprint tree or little heart with everyone’s name on and these are such lovely ideas that you can put up on your wall forever. Alongside these people often do a traditional guestbook in which guests can write something a little more personal. For us, I knew we would never be able to afford an official album of our photos and so I decided to combine the two. First step was to create a sign encouraging people to be creative with their pages. I had bought pretty pens, stickers and washi tape and wanted people to really go wild.

Once our guests had made their mark on their pages, I printed off our wedding photos (from the amazing Anete Lusina), gathered up any keepsakes from wrapping paper and tags to confetti and balloons and began. The first step was to take the book apart and rearrange the pages to the order I wanted them in; obviously there’s some things you can’t change, if great aunt Mavis wrote on the back of the mother of the bride’s page then that’s the order it had to be in… But on the whole I managed to rearrange it exactly how I wanted it.

Here are my favourite features of the finished book:

My Wedding Scrapbook Highlights

1. A pretty cover

While the cover isn’t the most important part of the scrapbook, you do want it to look good on the shelf. I didn’t want if to be to complicated so I bought a scrapbook with a nice saying on the front and added one of our favourite photos. Job done.

Ignore the marks on the cover, this book has had a lot of love

2. Introduction page

This is one of my favourite pages, despite the fact that the photos don’t even have our faces in. The most important keepsakes for me are on this page: lace from my wedding dress and the label he had written for my wedding morning gift. Somewhat amusingly I retrospect I thought we weren’t doing wedding gifts so he was left without, I did feel mightily guilty at the time though…..

3. Confetti

Confetti is so pretty and makes a wonderful embellishment to a page. We had cute little white heart confetti from after the ceremony, homemade coloured confetti for the food tables and cutout pages confetti from a gift box. Each of these added their own touch and flair to the pages, and count as keepsakes to be added to the pages from who they’re from.

I love the combination here of confetti and a bow made from wedding dress scraps

4. Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is a wonderful way to add relevent embellishments to your scrapbooks, and allows you to preserve those memories without having to keep old bits of paper lying about. This paper for j stance had little elephants all over it which looked so cute once cut out and stuck in!

5. Pressed flowers

What could be more magical than preserving your wedding flowers and looking back on them years later? I pressed some of my flowers so they would be very flat, perfect for sticking in a scrapbook. Here we have the page of our florist that I covered in flowers to commemorate what a wonderful job she did!

6. Gift tags

Gift tags featured quite heavily in our scrapbook as our guests were very kind, so a few of our pages have wonderful hand written momentos from friends and family.

7. Pages for Special People

When rearranging my guestbook pages I managed to squeeze in a few blank pages in the middle for some really special pages. These pages were dedicated to the most important people in our lives (parents, siblings, best friends, those who couldn’t make it) and while they were still embellished to look pretty, they were mainly an opportunity to have more photos together with these special people.

You can see my guide lines but ssh, don’t tell anyone

8. Pockets

Pockets are wonderful way to make space for keepsakes that are rather too big to stick to a page. While they can add a lot of bulk to a scrapbook, when used in moderation they are a great opportunity to keep something special in a safe place. In this case I really wanted to keep all the paper copies of the wedding speeches so a few bits of pretty paper and some washi tape and we soon had a pocket to keep them in!

9. Handwriting

I think having something handwritten is really important in a scrapbook to keep in personal; whether it be small paragraphs, handwritten labels or titles to pages. I love a bit of fake calligraphy and have come a long way since trying it out for the first time (the less said about that the better…) and I think that little touch of handwritten just puts a bit of yourself on the page… and isn’t that what scrapbooking is all about?

10. …And They Lived

…Happily ever after. You have to end on a bit of cheese. Some fake calligraphy, our favourite photos of the two of us and my best pressed flowers to finish our guestbook off.

Want to create your own wedding scrapbook?

Here are some of the supplies I used:

Scrapbook (I chose this book specifically because the rings open up so you can rearrange the pages)

Pens (these write amazingly on black paper, not so well on brown paper)

Funky Washi Tape

Rainbow Washi Tape

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Anete Lusina, our wedding photograhper who provided us with the most stunning selection of wedding photos and without her our wedding scrapbook wouldn’t exist. Check out her website or Facebook page for more amazing photos.

For more Scrapbooking inspiration, check out my Pinterest board: